Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative

Behavior Expectations Fall 2013.  The first week of school we taught behavior expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe for six areas: hallway, arrival/dismissal, bathroom, playground, cafeteria and special events. (See photos of our all-new 2013 reteaching reminders)

Arrival & Dismissal Lessons:

Bathroom Lessons:

Cafeteria Lessons:

Playground  Lessons:

Hallway Lessons:

Special Events:

Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.

Onekama School Extends MiBLSi ProgramTeaching children to make safe, responsible choices and to demonstrate appropriate and respectful behaviors is a task that must be reinforced daily by parents and school systems. Last year, Onekama Consolidated Schools adopted the MiBLSi program as a strategy to address this essential objective.

 On Tuesday, September 13, Onekama students participated in a special assembly to extend their understanding and practice of “MiBLSi” -- Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative.

Established by the Michigan Department of Education, MiBLSi is designed to help schools develop school-wide support systems in reading and behavior. The initiative takes approximately three years to complete. MiBLSi schools participate in a series of trainings to help them implement reading and behavior systems.

MiBLSi is unique in that it focuses simultaneously on both student reading and behavior. According to research  http://miblsi.cenmi.org , schools that have been using the MiBLSi process are finding that as disruptive behavior decreases, reading scores increase, as schools are free to address instructional needs. MiBLSi also helps schools use student data to intervene early with students who are struggling in reading and/or with behavior issues.

Tuesday’s assembly reminded students of Onekama School’s official behavior expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. And, it provided students with strategies and examples of these virtues in action.

Through discussion and exercises, Onekama students practiced appropriate behavior expectations on the playground, in the bathroom, and in the cafeteria. More lessons addressed other school locations, such as arrival and dismissal in the bus loading zone, in hallways, in classrooms and other instructional areas, as well as at special events such as assemblies and field trips.
“It was exciting to see the enthusiasm the kids had during the kick-off lessons,” commented Onekama teacher Jennifer Bromley. “They were actively engaged in the lessons through sharing stories, asking important questions, and role playing what good behavior should look like.”

Students who do not follow the behavior expectations (Be Safe, Be Respectful or Be Responsible) are asked to visit Onekama’s Responsible Thinking Center (RTC). The Responsible Thinking Center and the Responsible Thinking Process have been cornerstones of Onekama School’s discipline procedures for several years. MiBLSi complements this discipline strategy.
RTP is a school discipline process with the goal of teaching students to take responsibility for themselves by learning to think on their own, to respect the rights of others, to make effective plans, and to build self-confidence.

“The goal of MiBLSi is to help our school develop a comprehensive and effective system for guiding student behavior,” said Onekama Elementary teacher Bonnie Brown. “The students especially had fun watching the teachers and paraprofessionals modeling good and bad behaviors. We want our students to be safe, responsible, and respectful in the classroom and throughout the school environment. MiBLSi is a tool to help make this a reality.”