Behavior Expectation Lesson Plan
Created by Kelly & Shantel in April 2011
Teach – September 15, 2011
Becky & Laura

Behavior expectation or rule to be taught: Be Responsible

Location for expectation:  Arrival/Dismissal

Rationale- It is important to be responsible in the arrival/dismissal zone.  It is important to keep your space clean so we have no injuries in the arrival/dismissal zone.  It is also important to be responsible for communication from home to school about bus notes before the end of the day.

Provide examples to help students better understand what is and what is not the expected behavior:

Examples of expected behavior. Choose examples of that best “fits” the general case of what the behavior expectation


Non examples of expected behavior that are:

·     More similar to examples of expected behavior rather than outrageous non-examples

·     Typical of what students do when they are not engaged in the expected behavior


Bob was eating a snack on the ride home.  He left wrappers on the floor and spilled juice on the seat.  The bus driver noticed the wrappers and put them into the trash.  The next morning Bob went to sit in his favorite seat.  When he sat down, it was sticky from last night’s juice.


Tom was riding the bus to his grandma’s house after school.  Unfortunately he did not get the bus note to the office.  The bus driver was unaware of his request.  Tom had to go back into school to call home about going to his grandma’s house. 



Bob was eating a snack on the ride home.  He threw away his wrappers into the trash.  He asked for paper towel to clean up his spill. 



Tom was riding the bus to his grandma’s house after school.  Once he arrived to school, he gave his note to his teacher. 


During inappropriate behavior discussion, students will be asked to provide appropriate behaviors for responsible.  Several students could be chosen to model appropriate behaviors.

Acknowledge expected behavior:

After practice session, teachers will offer verbal praise to students who demonstrate the expected behavior.   

Provide opportunities to practice and build fluency