Behavior Expectation Lesson Plan

Created by Kelly & Shantel in January 2011

Teach – September 13, 2011

Bonnie & Tracy

Behavior expectation or rule to be taught: Be Safe

Location for expectation: Bathroom

Rationale- tell why following the rule is important: It is important to keep your hands and feet to yourself.  This type of behavior could lead to someone getting injured.

Provide examples to help students better understand what is and what is not the expected behavior:

Examples of expected behavior. Choose examples of that best “fits” the general case of what the behavior expectation


Non examples of expected behavior that are:

·     More similar to examples of expected behavior rather than outrageous non examples

·     Typical of what students do when they are not engaged in the expected behavior


Wanda walked into the bathroom.  While Wanda was using the bathroom, Lisa came in.  Both girls flushed the toilet and came out to wash their hands.  They exchanged greetings and walked out of the bathroom within a few minutes of entering. 




Wanda and Lisa enter the bathroom at the same time.  The girls start to push and shove as they try to enter the same stale.  Lisa wins and slams the door on Wanda.  She gets mad and tries to climb under the stale to get at her.  Lisa starts to scream.  Luckily Wanda was unable to reach her and Lisa runs out of the bathroom away from Wanda without washing her hands.

Provide opportunities to practice and build fluency:

In the lower elementary those classrooms will use their individual bathrooms to show examples.  In the upper elementary those classrooms will use their community bathroom.  To show non examples two teachers could model inappropriate behavior.  Afterwards students can identify inappropriate behavior. 

Acknowledge expected behavior:

To show examples of proper behavior two teachers could model appropriate behavior.  Afterwards students can identify appropriate behavior.  Lastly the teacher would have students volunteer model appropriate behavior for class.  This could be done several times. leads to all pages since 1997