Mr.Kudlack and Mrs. Catanese teach hallway
behavior expectations.

Jodi demonstrates proper
hallway walking behavior.

Behavior Expectation Lesson Plan
Created by Bonnie & Tracy in April 2011
Teach-September 13, 2011
James & Sally

Behavior expectation or rule to be taught: Be Respectful                       

Location for expectation:  Hallway

Rationale- tell why following the rule is important:  It is important to be respectful in the hallway so you don’t bother (interrupt) others (ie. classrooms and student working in the hallway)

Provide examples to help students better understand what is and what is not the expected behavior:

Examples of expected behavior. Choose examples of that best “fits” the general case of what the behavior expectation


Non examples of expected behavior that are:

·     More similar to examples of expected behavior rather than outrageous non-examples

·     Typical of what students do when they are not engaged in the expected behavior


Lisa and Pam are quietly having a conversation as they walk to the computer lab.


Lisa and Pam are walking to the office without peeking in classroom windows.


Lisa and Pam are laughing and talking loudly while walking in the hallway causing disruption of lessons in the classrooms and hallway.

Lisa and Pam are walking to the office and stop by Lisa’s younger sister’s classroom and peek in the window causing a classroom disruption.


Provide opportunities to practice and build fluency:

  1. Set aside a few minutes each day to practice the rule.
  2. As the teacher models, have individual students demonstrate examples and non-examples of the rule (role play)
  3. Tell students about the consequences for following and not following the rules. (ex. Minor

Acknowledge expected behavior: 

The teacher can have students volunteer and model the above examples several times for the class