Behavior Expectation Lesson are reviewed during
Onekama's first week of school

Mrs. Catanese tells students about responsible behavior in the hallway

Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Bennett review the reasons
for proper behavior in the bathroom area:

It is important to be respectful in the bathroom because it is a shared space; respect others privacy, use your inside voice, and use appropriate time in the bathroom. Using your own space and allowing others to have their space. There are classes being taught within the same area.  You are missing valuable educational time.

Mrs. Bromley reminds the children about proper behavior in the Media Center

Mrs. Hrachovina and Mrs. Petrosky encourage the students to be responsible in the arrival and dismissal zone:

It is important to be respectful in the arrival/dismissal zone because it is a shared space; respect others personal space and use your quiet voice. The arrival/dismissal zone is a busy area.  Being unsafe could lead to someone getting hurt.

Ms. Lyman gives instructions to the students.

It's important to behave on the playground:

It is important be respectful with peers by taking turns, using nice words, including others, and caring for nature.  It is important to be safe with peers and adults in school.  During recess there are many students present on the playground.  Running and pushing others on the playground could lead to someone being injured.

Mrs. Neiderstadt reminds the students of their responsibilities in the Cafeteria

  Onekama's MiBLSi lessons September 2013