Ms. Gilbert and Ms. Eichberger demonstrate proper special events behavior expectations.

Mrs. Petrosky demonstrates improper arrival/dismissal

Mrs. Petrosky demonstrates improper bus behavior.

Behavior Expectation Lesson Plan
Created by Kelly & Shantel in April 2011
Teach – September 15, 2011
Becky & Laura


Behavior expectation or rule to be taught: Be Safe

Location for expectation:  Arrival/Dismissal

Rationale- It is important to be safe with your peers and adults in school.  The arrival/dismissal zone is a busy area.  Being unsafe could lead to someone getting hurt.

Provide examples to help students better understand what is and what is not the expected behavior:

Examples of expected behavior. Choose examples of that best “fits” the general case of what the behavior expectation


Non examples of expected behavior that are:

·     More similar to examples of expected behavior rather than outrageous nonexamples

·     Typical of what students do when they are not engaged in the expected behavior


Bob and Tom were playing tag in front of the school.  Bob was trying to get away from Tom.  Without noticing he ran in between two busses into the Danger Zone.

Bob and Tom were waiting under the clock for school to begin.  They were pushing each other back and forth.  Tom pushed Bob too hard.  Bob bumped into the person in front of him and that person hit the person in front of her.  Several students needed ice packs for their bumps.

Bob and Tom were excited it was Friday.  As they waited for their parents, they were running in the grass area.  Then they decided to climb onto the horseshoe wall and pretend they were on a balance beam. Bob falls off and breaks his arm.


Bob and Tom walked out of the school.  They waved to each other as they safely walked onto their bus.


Bob and Tom were waiting under the clock for school to begin.  They waited in line with quiet voices with their hands and feet to themselves.


Bob and Tom walked out of the school and waited in the grass for their parents.  While they waited they talked about how much they loved school. 

 Provide opportunities to practice and build fluency:

During inappropriate behavior discussion, students will be asked to provide appropriate behaviors for safety.  Several students could be chosen to model appropriate behaviors.

Acknowledge expected behavior:

After practice session, teachers will offer verbal praise to students who demonstrate the expected behavior.