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Students make presentation at Governor's Conference
Homecoming events include scarecrow building by Advisory Groups
Middle School students worked in the Children's Garden during the summer.
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Staff for 2001-2002
Edie Bishop: Resources & Agriscience / Bio
Tom Bromley:
Social Studies / Bio
Michelle Carlson: RTC
/ Bio
Gretchen Eichberger: Vocal Music / Bio
Deb French : Media Center Bio
Kathy Graham; Math Quiz Bowl / Bio
Megan McCarthy: English / Publication / Drama / Communications / Bio
Gina Hagen:
Principal's Pages
Dan Salyer:
The Counselor's Desk / Bio
Cress Schwarz: Band / Bio
Thom Thorr: Physical Education / Bio
Michele Warman; Math & Science / WOCS / Bio
Dana Woolman: Art / Bio
Katy Xenakis: Social Studies & Science / Bio
Seventh Graders Cleaned up during the Donkey Basketball game!
Some middle school students spent their summer in the Media Center enjoying Computer Club.

Community Kids were involved in numerous other summer projects.