Mrs. Thomas (Michele) Warman


I graduated from Ohio State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary education for grades 1-8. I continued my education at Ohio State and received my Masters of Education in 1998. I always wanted to be a teacher because a teacher can be a student for the rest of their life. I am a non-traditional student. I returned to college to get my degree in teaching after my two children were old enough to be on their own. My son and I attended classes on the same campus at the same time. This was a unique experience.

As an educator, I feel it is important to motivate a student to develop a sense of identity to everything he/she may learn. I see myself as the facilitator for a student learning and a team leader for the values and goals set before each student. I expect students to demonstrate respect to themselves and their peers. This will foster a positive learning environment conducive for all diversities within the classroom.