Seventh Graders Present Donkey Basketball

April 2002

Donkey Basketball
by Jamie, grade3

Yesterday I went to donkey basketball and saw people flying everywhere! Mr. Finan, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Goins and lots of other people. Killer was dangerous. he's the little white one. People who got on him were sliding or getting bucked off. Flash and Wild Thing were not like him but the people slid off them and they went outside. Killer almost kicked a kid and I could just tell he was mad. He, Killer, did scare me and I'm glad Mrs. Goins didn't get him. Mrs. Brown was lucky too, cause she didn't get him.

Donkey Ball
by Mike, third grade

My favorite part was when the donkey ran out the door. It was funny. I like donkey ball because it is funny. I want to see a nuther one some day.

Donkey Basketball
by Nolan, grade 3

Yesterday I wached donkey basketball in Onekama. It was really funny. My dad was in it. He got all the bad donkeys. Mr. Finan fell off his donkey and hit the floor hard. He's probly sour today. Mrs Brown made a shot and today shes really happy.

Donkey B-ball
by Ryan P., grade 3

My faverit part was when Mrs. Hagen was going ta other way and she shot backward and made it. I think that a lotof people were scard of the donkeys at the end of the game because a lot of people got thrown off the donkeys. It was so funny because some donkeys wouldn't move or they would run away from the rider, and some would go in the hallway or outside dering the game.

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Clean up crew: Brandon Schram, Travis and Trevor Miller
A quote from Brandon Schram, Official Pooper-Scooper for the event: "It was a fun experience because I like being up in front of a large crowd. I had a lot of fun!"

Donkey Ball
by Chris B., grade 3

My favorite part was when Mr. Keith was getting dragged by the doneky, and when the donkeys went outside. When all the teachers fell off was really funny too.

Donkey Ball
by Tommy, grade 3

My favorite part is where Mrs. Goins put only her leg on the donkey and shot and made a basket. My 2nd favorite part is when Mr. Keth was being draged by the donkey and he was smaking his butt. My 3rd favorite part was when 3 donkeys went in the hall, because the people lost their donekys.

NOTE from Mrs. Lyman: Exact count is not in, however, approximately $1800 was made on tickets sales, concession stand and 50/50 raffle. Approx. 660 tickets were sold with approx. 600 people in attendance.
Money is being raised for the overnight Chicago trip next year: Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, Shedd's Aquarium, etc.
Staff members who rode donkeys-----Finan, Salyer, Keith, Brown, Hagen, Bergren, Peabody, Goins, and Kullenberg.

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