Manistee County Students participate in an
Quiz Bowl Competition.

Fifth Grade: Winning Teams / More Teams

Sixth Grade: Winning Teams / More Teams

Seventh & Eighth: 7th & 8th Grade Competitions

Everyone enjoys being a winner, but the fun is in the playing.

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Additional teams enjoyed playing the game.

Grade 5

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The Rules

1. Elementary Quiz Bowl is a question-and-answer game played between two teams of four players each. A team may be larger than 4 players (maximum of 6 players), but only 4 play at any one time. Each classroom in Manistee County may send one team. (A school with three fifth grade classes may send three fifth grade teams.)

2. Points are scored by correct answers to questions asked by the Moderator.

3. There are two types of questions: Toss-ups, worth 10 points each, and Bonuses, also worth 10 points each.

4. Players should be given 3 seconds from the time the Moderator stops reading to signal, and then must answer as soon as recognized. The Moderator should allow for a natural pause, but no stalling.

5. If a Toss-up answer comes after time has been called, it doesn’t count.

6. If a player confers with a team-mate on a Toss-up, the answer does not count. It is rebounded to the other team.

7. If a player answers without being recognized, the answer does not count. It’s the same as a wrong answer. This rule is in effect to prevent players from answering because they “think” they signaled first.

8. On a Toss-up, the first response given is the one that counts. Sometimes a player will attempt to give more than one piece of information. The Moderator, NOT the team members makes the decision on whether the response is wrong.

9. If a player answers a Toss-up question correctly, 10 points are added to the team’s score and the team is given a chance at a Bonus Question.

10. If a player answers a Toss-up wrong, the question is turned over to the other team. The Moderator says, “Rebound to the other team.” The Moderator does not reread the question, unless the question is turned over because of an interrupt. The other team must still signal and be recognized in the usual way.

11. If a player believes he knows the answer to a Toss-up question before it has been completed, the player may interrupt the Moderator by signaling. If the answer is correct the team scores. If the answer is wrong the team is penalized 5 points and the entir question is rebounded and reread for the other team.

12. If the Moderator inadvertently gives an answer to a Toss-up without giving either team a chance to respond, or without turning the question over, he or she takes the next Toss-up question in the stack and plays it according to the rules. The same is true if an audience member says the answer.

13. Each time a team answers a Toss-up correctly, the team , and that team only gets a chance at a Bonus.

14. Team members may confer for 10 seconds on Bonus Questions, after the question has been read in its entirety. All team members may participate, however if there is a conflict, the Moderator will ask the team captain for the team’s official answer.

15. The Moderator asks for the answer at the end of 10 seconds. The Moderator should allow for natural pauses, but not stalling. If the question called for several answers, the sequence of answers should be identified by the responding team.

16. If the game ends while the Moderator is reading a Bonus, the Moderator stops right there, without giving the team the opportunity to answer. If the Moderator was finished reading the question, the team may answer.

17. Elementary Quiz Bowl is played in 15 minute games. The team that is ahead at the end of 15 minutes, or the first team that scores 100 points wins. Occasionally, because of time problems the game is 10 minutes long. Such time changes are made officially BEFORE the game.

18. If a score is tied at the end of the regulation time, the tie is broken by a sudden-death play-off of Toss-up questions. The first correct answer wins the game. It could be a correct Toss-up or a correct Rebound. An incorrect interrupt also ends the game as it gives that team a negative 5 points.

19. Each team is allowed one, one minute time-out per game. Time out is called by the captain, and must be requested either prior to a Toss-up or between Toss-up and Bonus . Yes, a team member may be substituted for another member during this time out.

20. Please do not make sound recordings of the contest.

Rules were revised January 1999 ..bje