Onekama's Media Center
Miss French

  • The Media Center is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 3-6:00 pm
  • Special Events are held in the Media Center
  • Next event: Author's Night: March 21, 2002
  • Visit the Elementary Library 2002
  • The Elementary Library 2000
  • The Media Center will gladly accept donations for purchasing books in memory of that special person. You may even specify which books you would like to donate, what subject and grade level you prefer.

High School Area of the Media Center: a great place for reading, studying, and meetings.

The Media Center Alcove is open daily during the school day. Grades 4-12 use the programs and internet for research projects.

Everybody loves books!

Books are displayed in an interesting manner in the elementary section of the media center.

updated: March 2002