My goals as an educator are...

  • To facilitates learning in art production, art criticism, and art history.
  • To help students become more culturally aware.

Ms Woolman

After I received my B.F.A from Wayne State University I took a year off from school to decide on my future, My dilemma.... Either I was going to get my M.F.A and concentrate on my own art work, or get my teaching certificate and help others to create their own. As I worked as a student aide for an art professor at the local college, this professor did not have good rapport with his students. He would yell at them for asking him questions. The students, knowing my art background, would ask me for help. I was more than happy to put my artwork aside to help them. These “teaching” experiences felt wonderful! So, I took the clue and enrolled at Eastern Michigan University the following fall to get my K-12 art teaching certificate.

I look for students who have a good work ethic, are motivated, and are willing to learn.

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