I learned that Ed Hommer has climbed a lot of mountains in his life time. Ed Hommer also lost his legs and feet. He has been throw a lot of tuff stuff. ...Alex, grade 4

Ed Hommer had a lot of slides to show us about the times that he climbed Mt. McKinley and Mt Everest. He was successful on the Mt McKinley climb but not Everest. Even now that he didn’t summit Everest I think that it is amazing because you have to remember that he has artificial legs from the knee down. I think that it is very cool because he believes that he is very much like everyone else even know that he has artificial legs. He is defiantly someone that I look up to. …Travis, grade 5

Ed Hommer visited Onekama 4th-8th grade students December 19th.

He told us that he climbed almost all the way up Mt Everest. I think that he enjoyed the climb, but I think he got depressed that the weather got hurtful and they had to go back down the mountain. I think that he did an extremely good job at climbing the mountain! …Andrew C., grade 5

Ed Hommer is a really neat person. He climbed Mt. McKinley. He needed a lot of food and supplies. I also think it's neat he went to our school. He wrote a book too. He said the book tells about how physically challenged people can do the impossible. ...Kailani, grade 4

When Ed Hommer came to our school I was shocked!! He didn’t look anything like when he is on the internet. When Ed Hommer went on a climb he cut the ends of a toothbrush so it would be lighter. Isn't that funny? Hunter, grade 5

I thought it was very interesting. The slide show was very cool. It was because it felt like you were there. The pictures made it like it was happening to you. Ed looked different in real life. The storms looked really bad. The dark clouds and wind made it scary. Ed made climbing look easy. I hope he goes again --except makes it to the top. …Chelsea, gr. 5

I think that it was cool to have a real mountain climber from our school to come and talk about his adventures. I think it was interesting to here what Ed did on the different mountains. I admire his bravery. …Braeden, grade 5

Ed Hommer
by Jacob B., grade 5

When Ed Hommer came to our school he brought about one hundred forty pictures for a slide show. I never thought I’d be able to really see but I did. He told us that he was the first double amputee to climb two mountains called Mount McKinley and Mount Everest the biggest mountain in the world. He told us a lot about his adventures. He also told us he’s a pilot for American Airlines. He actually showed us his legs I thought that was really cool. When he was done I got to shake his hand and than I told one of my friends that I was never washing my hand!

Ed Hommer Signed my Shirt
by Mallory, grade 5

Yesterday I went to the bookstore called BookMark. I went there because my family wanted the book that Ed Hommer wrote. We were going to have him sign it. He did sign it. Then Anna’s mom came with Anna’s shirt that we got from school. I had one too, and I was wearing it over my other shirt. Anna’s mom also had a marker for him to sign her shirt. Then she asked me if I wanted him to sign my shirt so I said yes. So then I brought it to him and he signed it! So now my shirt about Ed Hommer actually says his name. It’s his real signature!

I think Ed Hommer is a good man. He and his partners with him almost made it up the mountain but the storm came. But when he went to New York and when Matt Lower asked him about the trip and asked him when he was going again, Ed said, "Next year." ...Abigail, grade 4

I learned that Ed had his legs amfyutated. He still climbed Mt. McKinley. I tried to climb Mt. Everest, the hightest mountain in the world. He set two world records: one was for wearing his socks for the longets time. I forgot what the other was. ...Thomas, grade 4

I liked it when ED Hommer come today. He showed us slides of the mountones he climbd. The first mountain he climbed was Mont. Mckinle. He said it was fun to do. He showed us his fake leg. He was fun to have in our school. I hope he comes agan. …Ryan M., grade 5

When Ed Hommer came to are school I was happy and I thought it was cool. I was amazed about his speech. Sometimes when he can’t climb a mountain because of storms he goes back to try to climb it again. Ed Hommer is a man who never gives up. Ed Hommer likes to climb mountains. I never knew any body could climb a mountain double amutated.I think Ed Hommer is very brave. Aaron F. grade 5

Ed Hommer traveled to where some mountains that he could climb were. He met a boy who took Ed as a rollmodle because the boy had only one leg. Ed can do anything with his fake legs. ...Anja, grade 4

Today Edd Hommer came to our school. He was the first double amputee to summit Mt. McKinley. He tried to do Everestt but he got stuck in a storm. His leg's had to be amputated because they were frozen on Mt McKinley. ...Jon, grade 4




Yesterday a visiter came in named Ed Hommer. He climbed MT. Everest, well tried to. The reason he came was because everyone in our class was learning about his trip up the mountain. Later when everyone was quite he told the story about what a great life he had on the mountains and at home. At the end every kid in that room wanted to have his name signed on a piece of paper and my friend Levi and me where the only ones in the class to get his name. Also Mrs. Eldrige took a picture of him and me. I thought Ed was really cool to meet. I wish we could meet again. Ryan C., grade 5
Mrs. Eldridge was pleased to introduce Ed and tell of Onekama Student's involvement by Internet in Ed's attempt at Mount Everest.

The fifth grade followed Ed's adventure by reading his Journals.