Voices From the Middle

Voices From the Middle is a student-driven, collaborative newspaper; it is designed, managed, and maintained entirely by students. Twenty-five students each quarter comprise our newspaper staff, and it is an endeavor about which we are all excited.



Voices from the Middle was developed by teacher Mrs. Megan McCarthy.

The goals of our newspaper include:
  • To allow students to develop reporting and journalism skills as they record significant events of our school and our community
  • To establish a vehicle for students to share their thoughts, at a critical point in these young adolescents' lives when they are first discovering their “voice” and the power of reaching a large audience
  • To further the development of a middle school identity at our school (This has historically been an age that has been “forgotten” at our school; our newspaper will represent our coming together as a group to create a product that is significant to us and visible to the school community and community at large.)
  • To provide a forum for students to learn about good writing, careful editing, and the thoughtful creation of a newspaper, as well as gain hands-on publishing experience
  • To promote our belief that writing is a powerful and effective tool of expression and communication, and that through writing we can discover more about the world and ourselves.