Eighth Grade Communications Class

Communications students worked to prepare demonstrations for their classmates. Each student presented a 5-7 minute demonstration, in which they taught their classmates a new skill. Students were graded on speaking strategies, use of visuals and props, and their ability to communicate information to others effectively.



Jason shows his classmates how to properly wash a car.

Curtiss demonstrates how to solder.



Course Description:

During this course, students will explore the various forms of communication that allow us to connect with our world. We will especially focus on the mediums of literature, poetry, art, music, dance, drama, film, and speech, through a careful study of others’ work as well as original student work.

Communications students will also be paired with first grade "Reading Buddies," who they will meet with regularly during the school year. Serving as mentors and role models for these first graders, the students will help introduce their buddies to one of our primary methods of communication: written language.

Tara demonstrates how to change a diaper. This is a skill that will come in handy for baby sitters.