Philanthropy Lessons

Philanthropy Lessons

Duane, the Defense Attorney from the Onceler trial

Philanthropy Lessons continue
as we move with the pioneers
along the Oregon Trail

Rivers for the Common Good

We began by studying the effects of water pollution on the quality of life. We read what pollution does to a river, and we observed what pollution does to the water table. We created a water table and "polluted" it with dye. We used the Internet to learn how the Nashua River was polluted and how it was cleaned. We tried the Once-ler for causing pollution.

Libraries for the Common Good

In the 1730’s books were rare and expensive. I’m very glad people like Ben Franklin and Bill Gates helped libraries.

On July 1,1731 a group of members from the Junto formed the Articles of Agreement to build a library. In 1732 the first order was sent to London. Some of the books were A Collection of Several Pieces by John Locke and Plutarches Morals. The first librarian was Louis Timothee. Peter Collinson bought the libraries books. In the 1740’s libraries formed across the country. In 1773 a new library was built because they ran out of space. In 1787 the Library Company offered delegate to the Constitutional Convetion use of the library.

Bill Gates is another person that helps libraries. Also the U.S. Library Program donated Microsoft software as a grant to almost 11,000 libraries in the U.S. In addition he donated 20million dollars to the Seattle Library Foundation. The Libraries for All was aimed to expand libraries through the neighborhood and to expand the book collections. I am very glad Bill Gates helped libraries across the country.

Both these people helped libraries across the country. I am very glad we had people like these to help our country.

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