Onekama's 5th Grade Portagers vs. Trinity Lutheran Manistee

The fifth graders had their first ever basketball game today, Tuesday, February 26, 2013.  What a game!  The boys battled back from being down over 10 points at halftime.  Determination and a great team effort pulled the Portagers within three points.  The final score was 24-27, in favor of Trinity Lutheran.  Even though the boys were playing against some older players, they never gave up.  I couldn't be more proud of them.  Way to go Portagers! ~Coach Bennett

Portagers vs. Tigers

by Taylor Bennett

  February 26, 2013 was my team's first basketball game. We played the Trinity Lutheran Tigers. It was a great game and we were losing at halftime 16-8, but when we came back out of the locker room we were on a mission. We came very close to taking the lead a couple times, but eventually the clock ran out and we lost 24-27. We played a great game. I had 12 points, Austin had 6, Luke had 4, and Cody had 2. Although it wasn't enough to hold off there big man from scoring 19 points! It was a great game though and I can't wait for our next game on Thursday the 28th.

Last night the Onekama Portagers elementary basketball team had there first game. It was a good one. There was a really tall boy on the Trinity team. He made like all there baskets. Personally I think it was too bad, but the score turned out to be 24-27. We lost but I think we had a lot of pride and determination. ~Dalron G.

Last night we had our first basketball game. I shot a basket, it went in but they didn't count it. In the second quarter we came alive. But we lost by three points.  It was a ton of fun!!!  ~Travis R.

Last night we played Trinity Lutheran. we played a good game. We were down 8 to 20.The final was 24 - 27. we had a lot of fun! ~Austin H.

Ok, so at my basket ball game I admit it, I was nervis. One time I had the ball, but a guy the size of king kong hit it with his large size hand and that was the end. ~Nickolas G.

On Tuesday at are basketball game. We vs. Trinity Luthern at Onekama it was a great game. I scored a basket we were down by twelve and. We came all the way up to 24. We lost but I had a great time. ~Aaron

February 26, 2013 was our first Basketball Game. It was The Onekama Portagers v.s The Tigers. In the first half We were losing 16-8. After half time was over we started to score. We were starting to come back. Their were 30 seconds on the clock and we were down by 5 points. They ran the clock down to 10 seconds on the clock. When their were 2 seconds on the clock they shot the ball and I stuffed it. It was a really good game but we lost 27-24. ~Lucas

Jersey #  Fifth Grade Team
2  Cody Harnick
5  Justin Zielinski
11  Luke Mauntler
12 Taylor Bennett
21  Matthew Mallison
30 Travis Read
31  Nick Goss
32 Aaron Powers
35 Ian Weaver
40 Dalron Grey
43 Austin Harper

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For Onekama Taylor Bennett was top scorer with 12 points. Austin Harper contributed 6, Luke Mauntler 4, and Cody Harnick 2.  For Trinity, Matthew provided 19 points, Roger 6 and Carter 2.

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