Sixth Grade Girls Basketball Schedule for Fall 2012
Coach: Lynn Mathieu  

Date Opponent Result      All games at 5:30 unless otherwise indicated
10/22 Home vs. MCC 5th & 6th played together as MCC had just one team  Game Photos
10/24 at Bear Lake Portager Girls did great at Bear Lake Game Photos
10/26 Home vs.
Onekama was behind at halftime by 4. They like to stress out their coach and not really get going until the 4th quarter which is what they did in this game also.  They ended up winning by 3. The scoring was as following: Amanda B. 2, Hope S. 2, Kelsey K. 5, Katie B. 8.  No one fouled out but we had a few with fouls.  Keep up the good work girls! ~Coach Mathieu
10/29 at Mason Co. E. Onekama finished the game with 18 points. Scorers were Chloe W. 2, Kelsey K. 6, Katie B. 10. A few with fouls but the girls continue to improve. Great job!  ~Coach Mathieu
11/1 at Manistee The Portagers lost a close game to Manistee Public 17 to 19   Game Photos  
11/5 at MCC We had a good game last night. The score at the end was 30-17. We won. We had to play with the sixth graders so our coaches said the sixth graders play one quarter and the fifth graders play the second quarter and then the 6th grade play the third quarter and then finally we played the last quarter. And we did really good. I am proud of all of us! ~Colleen (grade 5)
11/8 Home vs. B.L. The Portagers lost to Bear Lake in this home game.  Reports and Photos
11/10 at Brethren
We were up against Brethren.  I swear by the first minute I was hurting everywhere!  I had fun, though I had to wake up at 8:30.   We lost by one point.  It was close so I wasn't that sad.  The score was 20-21.  It was fun! ~Katie B.
11/13 Home vs. MCE The girls won again! Photos & reports
11/16 Home vs. Manistee Public The girls won this exciting, fast paced game 17 to 13.  Game Photos  Girls, feel free to email your comments to

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6th Grade Team Roster

  • # 11 Chloe Wisniski
  • #14 McKenna Ingalls
  • #21 Amanda Babcock
  • #23 Hope Showalter
  • #25 Katelyn McGrady
  • # 30 Kelsey Kosiboski
  • # 32 Haley Griffus
  • # 33 DeeAnn Gardner
  • # 35 Katie Beeman
  • # 44 Maggie Domres

2012 Team Photo by Lynn O'Connor

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