Fifth Grade Boys Basketball Schedule for 2013
: Tracy Bennett; Assistant Coach: Jennifer Bromley

Date Opponent    Result        ( games at 5:30 unless otherwise noted )   
Feb. 26 vs. Trinity The Portagers played a great game, but lost 27-24.  Photos and Reports
Feb. 28 at Kennedy, Manistee Middle School The 5th grade Portager boys lost to Manistee Middle School on February 28th.  Sometimes your shots fall and sometimes they don't.  Unfortunately, our shots weren't falling and their shots were.  The boys are learning and having fun so I couldn't ask for much more than that.  Their hard work and dedication will pay off soon.  Good job Portagers! ~Coach Bennett  Reports and photos
Mar. 2 vs. Brethren
Home 10:00am
Our Portagers won 31-15. Taylor Bennett came away with 11 points and Luke Mauntler added another 10. Austin Harper had 6. Aaron Powers and Cody Harnick each had 2.  Photos & reports
Mar. 5 at MCE  Portagers win again! Team Reports and Game Photos
Mar. 7 vs. Manistee The Portagers defeated Manistee 29-10  Reports and Photos
Mar. 9 Three schools play at Bear Lake 9:00am to Noon
MS gym 9:00 am 5th grade: Bear Lake vs. Brethren - game photos
HS gym 9:00 am 6th grade: Onekama defeats Brethren - game photos
HS gym 10:00 am 6th Onekama defeats Bear Lake - photos        
MS gym 11:00 am 5th Onekama tops Bear Lake - game photos 
Mar. 12 at MCC The Portager boys came out on top against the Sabers 31 to 14Game Photos
Mar. 13 8 teams  compete in Trinity Tourney 6:30 Game 2 of Trinity Tourney -Onekama defeated Manistee Gold 35-14. Game Photos & Report
5:30 Game 1 -Bear Lake defeated MCC
 (Friday-Game 3 Manton tops Manistee Blue & Game 4 Trinity vs. Benzie)
(See 5th gr. tourney brackets: this is a pdf file you can print for a better view)
Mar. 14 at Brethren The boys came away with a win 27-18. Game reports
Mar. 15 at MCC
9am to 5:30pm
11:20 Game 7 Onekama tops Bear Lake   Game photos
12:45 Game 8 Winners is Manton over Benzie
 4:20 Game 11 Onekama and Manton for 1st and 2nd place Onekama Takes Second!
Mar. 18 vs. Bear Lake The Portagers topped the Lakers 28-6.  Game Photos & Reports
Mar. 20



vs. MCC


End of the Season Swim Party

The boys finished their terrific season with a 23 - 5 win.  Game reports & photos 
Our 5th Grade Season
This year (2013) our basketball team did really well. We had a winning record of 11 and 3 and second place in the Trinity Tournament. We had Super Star Team of Cody Harnick #2, Justin Zielinski #5, Luke Mauntler #11, Taylor Bennett #12 (ME!), Matthew Mallison #21, Travis Read #30, Nick Goss #31, Aaron Powers #32, Ian Weaver #35, Dalron Gray #40, Caden Johnson #41, and Austin Harper #43. We scored 358 points total this year. I had 116 points this year, Luke had 84, Austin had 57, Cody had 29, Aaron scored 26, Caden had 14, Matt had 12, Justin had 10, Dalron had 6, and Travis had 4 points this year. That's a pretty good season. I can't wait to play next year in sixth grade. ~Taylor


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