Onekama's Equestrians
by Sierra Warner

Training your horse takes practice, practice, practice.  Horse treats come in very handy when training your horse to do something new.

The judges give you points based on how you are dressed, (English, Western, etc.), how you present yourself, how your horse behaves, how well tack fits you and your horse. 

Taking care of your horse involves exercising, feeding, watering, grooming, etc.  Spending time with your horse by taking care of it can help make a stronger relationship between you and your horse.

   Equestrian Team Members:
  • Sierra Warner #196 riding Deja Napolitano (aka Irish)
  • Kayla Kosiboski  #585 riding Considerate One (Houston) and Mos Genuine (Mo)
  • Morgan Brown #170 riding Wave of Justice (aka Justice)
September 14 & 15 the team competed against very strong teams coming in 3rd place overall for the weekend.  They will compete again next Saturday. Serving Onekama School since 1997