Onekama Middle School Sports for Sept. - Nov. 2013

Fall Sports 2013
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  Winter Sports 2013
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  Spring Sports 2013
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7th Grade Volleyball 2013
8th Grade Volleyball 2013
6th Grade Girls BB 2013
5th Grade Girls BB 2013

6th Grade Boys BB 2013
5th Grade Boys BB 2013
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  Middle School Track 2013
3x3 Tourney 2013
3x3 Tourney April 14 2012
Middle School Football 2013
PopWarner Football  2013
  7th Grade Girls
 8th Grade Girls
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  Equestrian Team 2013
NEW in 2013
Cross Country for 2013
7th Boys Basketball 2013
8th Boys Basketball 2013
Boys BB Tournament 2013
  Swim Team 2013
Elks Hoop Shoot 2012
Knights of Columbus
  Student Athlete Handbook

Picnic in the Park Aug. 10, 2013
Proceeds go to the Athletic Program

High School Sports for 2013
Coaches' Handbook (pdf file)

Onekama Days 5-K Race 2012
Proceeds go to the Athletic Program