Onekama JV Volleyball Fall 2013
Varsity Coach: Erin LaMont

Date: School: Result:           Unless otherwise indicated the JV starts at 6:00
                              and the Varsity at 7:30  
Th. Sept. 05 Home vs. Mesick Onekama’s junior varsity team came away with a two-game sweep, winning 25-23, 25-18. Kendra Curtice and Alyssan Clarke each had four kills to lead the Portagers while teammate Mackenze Warlin had a team-high six assists. --Game photos by Amy DeLeon
Sat. Sept. 7
9:00 am
at Brethren Today's JV Invitational tournament was a tough one.  Results from Coach LaMont & Game Photos by Suzanne & Quinn
Tu. Sept. 10
5:00 pm
at McBain HS
Lake City
5:00pm - McBain vs. Onekama
followed by - Onekama vs. Lake City
followed by - McBain vs. Lake City
Th. Sept. 12 at Buckley The Portager girls won two of three  Game Report and Photos
Tu. Sept. 17 at MCC The MCC JV team beat Onekama 25-18, 25-15.      Game Photos & Report posted
Th. Sept. 19 Home vs. KND Game Photos   Brethren won 2 of 3
Tu. Sept. 24 Home vs.
Bear Lake
It is always hard to lose to your rivals especially if you do not meet up with them again during the season. I think I wanted a win even more then the girls on this one, but we fell short. Bear Lake took the first game 25-12. Onekama took the second game 25-16 and we were so close in the 3rd game the whole way but Bear Lake won 16-14. Until we meet again Bear Lake! ~Coach LaMont

Some Stat Highlights:
Kendra Curtice 8-11 Serving 3 Aces, 5 Kills
Grace Hughes 7-9 Serving 1 Ace, 5 Kills, 9 Digs 
Mackenzie Warlin 5-5 Serving, 2 Kills, 1 Dig, 4 Assists
Makayla Spearman 4-5 Serving 1 Ace, 1 Kill, 1 Assist
Th. Sept. 26
5:30 pm
at Crossroads vs. NMC Didn't have a score keeper or stat keeper for these games
Tu. Oct. 1 Home vs. WHS
JV Portagers take three of three from Walkerville Wildcats  Game report & Photos
Th. Oct. 3 at Baldwin
Baldwin............all I can say is, we should have had that one. We were so close. It slipped right through our fingers. Baldwin is a good competitor for us. We seem to be more evenly matched with them as a JV team. I do believe my girls were trying very hard. The scores were 25-19, 25-22 Baldwin.

Some Stat Highlights:

Alexa 6-7 Serving 2 Aces, 1 Kill, 6 Digs

Kendra 5-8 Serving 1 Ace, 4 Kills
Lauryn 5-6 Serving 2 Aces, 1 Kills, 1 Dig, 7 Assists
Grace 7-9 Serving 1 Ace, 4 Kills, 10 Digs
Kassidy 2-3 Serving, 2 Kills
Michele 2-3 Serving 1 Ace, 4 Kills, 2 Digs
Lexi 4-6  Serving 1 Ace, 5 Digs, 1 Assist
Makayla 5-6 Serving 1 Ace, 1 Kill
Tu. Oct. 8 Home vs. TC Christian
Tonight was a good night. The girls and I just watched as the TC Christian girls warmed up and they are good. So we were a little nervous going in the match but I think we got it all worked out by the second game.

The first game of the match went to TCC 25-19, the second game we took at 25-20 and the third game we won 15-10. I am so proud of my girls, we sure have come along way since the beginning of the season. ~Coach LaMont

Some Stat Highlights:

Kendra 8-9 Serving 2 Aces, 2 Kills, 1 Dig
Grace 13-15 Serving 4 Aces, 2 Kills, 5 digs
Kassidy 6-6 Serving 1 Ace
Makayla 10-10 Serving 4 Ace
Mackenzie 6-7 serving 4 Aces, 4 Assists
Tu. Oct. 15 Home vs. MCC Game Photos
Th. Oct. 17 at Mason County E.
Need report
Mon. Oct 28 at TC Christian Need report
Fri. Nov .1 Home vs. GTA & Mason C. E.

Parents' Night

We will play our tri-match on Friday, November 1st using the following schedule:
6:00p.mOnekama vs. GTA      JV GTA game photos
Upon conclusion of the 6:00 match   GTA vs. MCE
Upon conclusion of the prior match  MCE vs. Onekama

Team photo by Lynn O'Connor

Varsity Roster

  • 2 Quinn LaMont
  • 3 Mia Johnson
  • 5 Sydney Arendt
  • 6 Megan Schneider
  • 7 Kayla Feil
  • 8 Anna Brown
  •  9 Emma Putney
  • 10 Sami Tiefenthal
  • 11 McKayla Haske
  • 13 Tawny Kott
  • 14 Hailey Kott
     Alyssan Clarke (in yellow)

JV Roster

  • Lexi Hammerle (in pink)
  • 2 Kendra Curtice
  • 3 Lauryn Johnson
  • 5 Kassidy Ward
  • 4 Grace Hughes
  •  7 Mackenzie Warlin
  • 10 Makayla Spearman
  • 11 Michele Haske
  • 13 Brandi Kilbourn
  • 14 Tiffany Kinn
  •  1 Alexa Welch 

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