Making a Difference

Red Ribbon Week

S.A.D.D. and T.A.T.U. members make presentations to elementary school students encouraging them not to try drugs.

Teens Against Tobacco Use work in Fourth Grade

My Future is Bright: Fourth Grade & Fifth Grade talk about not using drugs. Fifth graders wrote essays which will be added below their photographs.

First Grade students draw pictures of their future.

Fourth graders enjoyed helping the first graders.

Hat Day for Hurricane Victims

Planting Daffodils in Arcadia

Students paid a fee to wear hats. The proceeds were given to the Red Cross to be used for Hurricane Victims.

2nd Grader lend a helping hand

4th Graders helped 1st graders make bookmarks.

5th Graders helped the 1st Graders: Cupcake Bakers of all ages joined to create a treat for the Salvation Army.

Food Pantry

Fifth and sixth grade student work at the St. Joseph's Community Food Pantry.

Students will be collecting additional food items for the Pantry during December.

Becoming Peacemakers:
Fourth and Fifth Grade students are proud to help the younger students at recess and in the cafeteria.

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade Peacemakers

Red Cross Blood Drive

The Onekama High School National Honor Society sponsors an annual blood drive.

Let's Give Drugs the "slip" on Slippers and Stuffed Animals Day... and on every other day too. Highway Clean-up

Onekama Elementary
for 1999-2000

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