Onekama Students
Earn $704.87 for
Relay for Life

Thanks to all of you who participated in our mini Relay yesterday.  It was a HUGE success.  We had people walking all day from 8:00-2:55 and it appeared as though we had participation from 98% of our teachers and students. Yesterday, we raised another $238.24 putting our grand total up to $704.87.  We are only $95.13 away from Mrs. Hagen kissing some other kind of animal...rumor has it that Ms. Exo has a mini donkey.  Since the consensus has been a yes to Monday, Monday at 2:40 in the gym Mrs. Hagen is going to kiss a pig and something else. 



1st place results will be posted after money is collected and counted today.  Keep up the enthusiasm!   


It’s official….Mrs. Hagen will be kissing not only a pig, but also another animal.  We have raised an amazing $828.42 to go to the fight for cancer.  Leading the races for popsicles is Mr. Lamm with $32.50, Mrs. Warman with $154.61, and Ms. Schultz with $87.91.  Tomorrow is the last day to wear a hat for .50 or buy a Relay tag for $1.00. Keep up the Onekama spirit and see if we can raise $1,000.  ~ C. Turk


Mr. K-9.75

Ms. Schultz-87.91

Mrs. N-7.20

Mrs. Bromley-41.71

Mr. Mauntler-20.70

Mrs. Catanese-74.95

Mrs. Bennett-83.14

Mrs. Brown-45.39

Mr. Neph-15

Leaps & Bounds-9.00

Elementary Total-$387.55

Ms. Turk-37.05

Mrs. Warman-154.61

Mrs. Ramsey-111.60

Ms. Burks-84.11 

Middle School Total-$387.37


Mr. Hunter-15

Mr. Bromley-0

Ms. K-0

Mr. Lamm-32.50

Mr. Story-6

HS Total-$53.50

Pig Kissing Photos




Updated totals and more photos

Mrs. Hagen Helps the Cause by Kissing a Pig & a Horse