Onekama Students Earn $1,005.00 for Relay for Life

I still have to confirm the Grand Total, but my count has us at ......


Elementary Raised-$419.55

Middle School Raised-$447.10

High School Raised-$64.25

Bake Sale-$78

Just a reminder that Monday at 2:40 Mrs. Hagen will be kissing a pig and also an unnamed other animal in the gym. 

Please have your kids in the gym as close to 2:40 as you can (2:37ish) so we can get everyone to the buses on time.  ~Candace Turk

Dear Mrs. Eldridge,

        During the Relay For Life week i forgot to wear a hat for 50 cents the first two days, but then I wore a hat all the other days. You could also buy a relay tag for $1.00 or a memory balloon to recognize anyone you know who has cancer for $5.00.On Monday we raised $53.72, and Mrs. Turk was worried we wouldn't reach $350, if we did reach $350 Mrs. Hagen would have to kiss a pig. On Tuesday we raised $412.91, so Mrs. Hagen had to kiss a pig now! On Wednesday we raised $238.24, and we walked, I walked every class period, and in all I walked 8 miles!! Now If we could raise $800 dollars Mrs. Hagen would have to kiss another animal. So on Thursday we raised $131.39, so now Mrs. Hagen had to kiss a miniature horse. Now we were seeing if we could get to $1,000. On Friday we Raised $89.56 plus the bake sale we had we raised $78.00, which equaled 1,005. When Mrs. Hagen kiss the pig and the miniature horse on Monday it was hilarious.

Dear Mrs. Eldgride,

Hello, the relay for life thing was so fun. I enjoyed raising money for all those people. We raised 1005.00 when doing this. I enjoyed walking the most because that was the most active. Mrs. Hagen kissed a pig and a horse. I think that was okay. I couldve done that too. I enjoyed doing all the things. In the summer, i am gonna do that too. Me and my mom and aunt are gonna do it. My mom does it every year. I bought a balloon and a tag. I had so much fun.

Jessa Gauthier





Dear Mrs. Eldridge,

       Last week the whole school took part in the Relay for Life. In the summer there is a Relay for Life that you can either give a flat donation or have people pledge for every lap you walk. Although we did not do it that way. We raised money by letting people were hats as long as they pay 50 cents per day, selling relay tag within the school for $1.00, or you could buy a memory balloon in memory of someone who had, has, or died from cancer for $5.00. Also there was a bake sale to raise money were everything was 50 cents. All together all the events raised $1,005. So Mrs. Hagen agreed to kiss a pig. Also she kissed a miniture horse. The pigs name was Oreo and the miniture horses name was Athena. I am glad that we raised so much money for such a good cause.



Dear Mrs. Eldridge,

            Last week we got to do many things for Relay for Life. That week we could by memory balloons, relay tags, or pay to wear a hat. We also got to walk in the gym on Wednesday.

            If you bought a memory balloon for $5 than you could put a message on the balloon, and then you put them up in a circle around the gym. If you bought a relay tag for $1 they would be hung up around the gym doors. Also you could pay .50 cent to wear a hat. At the end of the week the class that raised the most out of K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 got popsicles on the next week. In K-5 Ms. Schultz’s class won, in 6-8 Mrs. Warman’s class won, and in 9-12 Mr. Lamm’s class won.

By the end of the week if we raised $350 than Mrs. Hagen would have to kiss a pig. We also set another goal if we were to raise $800 than Mrs. Hagen would have to kiss another animal. On the first day we raised $53.72 out of the whole school. Then on the second day we raised a lot more, we raised $412.91. Right there she had to kiss a pig. Then on the third day we got $238.24 more. On Thursday we brought in another $131.39. Then on Friday we raised $89.56, and later that day there was a bake sale that made $78. We raised $1,005 all together in that one week.

On Friday at 2:45 was the pep rally. She had to kiss a pig, and a horse. It was so funny. I think that every body had a great time. We should do it again next year.


 Kelly Koon


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Mrs. Hagen Kisses a Pig....and a Horse!

May 2007