Young Spikers!

Today was our first Young Spikers Clinic. We have 22 girls in the program.

We have five 2nd graders: Maggie B., Hobi H., Ashton H., Raelynn D., Katelynn F.Three 3rd graders: Talia M., Meagan M., Taler B.Nine 4th graders: Somer S., Taya P., Courtney M., Courtney L., Tiffany K., Miah J., Larissa V., Savannah A., Natasha A.Three 5th graders: Taylor M., Janique B., Megan S., Kayla F. and one 6th grader: Samantha B.  We practice passing, bumping, setting, serving and spiking.  We learned where we could serve from and how many girls are on the team and how to rotate.  The girls are invited to come and watch the JV/Varsity game Tuesday 2nd.  Our next clinic is Saturday October 6th at 9:00.  Julie Schoedel, Kelsey Acker, Alyssa Cole, Stacey Keith, Tabitha Bellinger, Katie Prielipp, Andria Reckow and Ashley Schultz were there to help with teaching the young girls their volleyball skills. ~Coach Keith

Photos by Lanette

 Young Spiker's Clinic
from the last school year

Sept-Oct. 2007