Onekama Varsity Volleyball Fall 2007
Varsity Coach: Lanette Keith
JV Schedule
Date School Result
Aug. 25 at Northport Invitational

Varsity only

Saturday we headed up to Northport with the Bear Lake team to play in the tournament for the first time.  This was before school started and didn't have much time to practice as a team but it was a warm sunny day and we were excited to go.  We started out the day playing the Northport team and lost 16-21 and 18-21.  We then played Grand Traverse Academy and won 21-2 and 21-11.  We then faced off with Bear Lake and lost 12-21 and 14-21.  We then moved on to the semi finals and played Northport and won 25-9 and 25-17.  By winning against Northport we then moved on to the Finals against Bear Lake.  The Portagers lost 24-26 and 20-25, two really close game to send Bear Lake home with the winning Trophy.  It was a great day and the girls played well and had lots of fun, we look forward to playing in the tournament again next year.
Coach Keith
 Young Spikers Clinic Sept. 29: Team members help younger girls  Young Spikers Oct. 6
Sept. 6 Manistee Home 6
Onekama Varsity Volleyball lost to Manistee in four games, with the scores 21-25, 25-19, 21-25, and 20-25. 
More of Coach Keith's report plus photos
Sept. 11 Traverse City Home School at Home 6
 The Portagers came out in the first game and won 25-12.  The Portagers also took the second game with a score of 25-14.  The Portagers took the Match win in the third game with 25-20.
Onekama Varsity Volleyball Photos and  more of Coach's Report
Sept. 13 at Manistee Catholic 6
 Tonight the Portagers traveled to MCC to play the Sabres.  We got off to a slow start in the first game with the score 13-25.  We turned it around and were really tough in the second game with many long volleys but missed the win, with the Sabres winning 27-25.  Came out strong in the third game with both teams fighting for every point, we went back and forth all game with a lot of great play but lost it 24-26.  More of Coach Keith's report
Sept. 18 Pentwater at Home 6
In the first game we fell behind and lost 21-25.  Then in the second game we won a very tough game that was very close 27-15.  We turned around and struggled on the court with many mistakes and lost 19-25. And in the fourth game we just could pull off a win to advance to the fifth game and lost 22-25. Photos and More of Coach's Report of Varsity vs. Pentwater
Sept. 20 Frankfort at Home 6
Tonight the Portagers went up against Frankfort at home and lost in the first game 13- 25.  We had a slow start.  In the second game we played very tough digging up what ever they gave us and were going back and forth with the points and losing a very close second game 27-29.  Coach Keith's Report and Photos
Sept. 25 Manistee Catholic
Tonight the Portagers hosted the MCC Sabres in three tough games.  Coach Keith's Report plus Photos
Sept. 27 at Walkerville Onekama Lady Portagers played  three really close game at Walkerville, but they lost the match to the Wildcats with the game scores
18-25, 26-28 and 20-25. Coach's Report and Photos (oops! webmaster mixed up the two dates for Walkerville and MCE. Coach's info is correct, just on the wrong date.)
Sept. 28 at M C E
Portagers lose 3 at MCE. Coach Keith's Report and Photos  /   Young Spikers Clinic Sept. 29 (oops! switch with Sept 27)
Oct. 2 Bear Lake at Home 6:00
Tuesday night the Onekama Lady Portagers came out strong and won the first two games, but lost the next three hard fought games.  Photos plus more of Coach Keith's Report
Oct. 4 at Brethren 6
Photos & Coach's Report Portagers won three of five matches.
Oct. 5 at Bear Lake 6
The Portagers did not have a good night at Bear Lake.  Photos and Coach's report
Oct. 9 Big Rapids Crossroads at Home 6
Oct. 11 at Manistee 6
Tonight the Onekama Portagers won three straight games for the Match win.  Game scores were 25-16, 25-22, 25-13.  
~More of Coach Keith's report plus photos
Oct. 16 at Baldwin 6
Oct. 22 WMD Varsity Tournament
Oct. 24 Pool Play at Bear Lake Photos
Oct. 29 at Brethren Photos
November 1st at Brethren 6:00  

Senior Members Julie Schoedel, Alyssa Cole, Kelsey Acker

Varsity: Alyssa Cole, Chelsea Miller, Julie Schoedel,  Kelsey Acker,  Olivia Bolthouse, Paige Rutowski, Stacey Keith,   Katie Prielipp, Ashley Hobart,  Sherece Revolt 

JV:Ashley Schultz, Anna Veverica, Andria Reckow, Diamond Kimpel, Erin Brown, Elizabeth Schoedel, Joslyn Pomeroy, Kailani Buckner, Skylar Wisniski

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