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March is
Reading Month

at Onekama Elementary



Mrs. Bromley's Door -->

Mr. Mauntler's Door is an "educational door".  His  students came up with riddles to go along with their door.


Here are the riddles and answers:

  • What breathes out of a blowhole, is a mammal, and is bigger than a bus? ......A whale

  •  What has to keep swimming or it will die, eats anything it can find, and eats people? .....A shark

  •  What carries a shell on its back, has ten legs, and has 2 claws? .....A crab

  •  What carries its home on its back, lives up to 80 years, and has 4 legs? ........A sea turtle

  • What animal has a hinged shell, has one foot, and is slow? .....A clam or oyster

  •  What has 8 arms, sits in its den until its prey comes by, and has a beak for a mouth? ......An octopus

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