The ladies name was Mrs. Venegas.  She talked about wildlife.  She talked about rare flowers in the wild.  You can hike in the woods.  ~Logan

A Walk in the Woods

Today we went to a presentation.  It was about the woods.  She talked about lakes, animals, and flowers in the distance learning room.  ~Miah

I learned about fishing.  I like fishing.  It is fun.  ~Keith

On March 16, 2007, we went to the distance learning room.  We listened to Mrs. Venegas.  She talked to us about wildlife.  It was cool and fun.  ~Jessica

Today we went to a presentation in the distance learning room.  Mrs. Venegas told us to bring a backpack, snacks, and a lot of other things when you go for a hike in the woods.  You will see a lot of animals.  You can go swimming too.  ~Madison

Mrs. Vengas said you can go fishing, kayaking, or camping in the woods.  You can go snowmobiling too.  ~Randy

I saw a white tailed deer on the screen.  I saw a squirrel and a skunk and a bird and some different flowers.  I saw people camping on the screen.  I saw people fishing on the river.  ~Abby

I learned that we can go hiking in the woods.  We can go camping and biking in the woods.  You will see animals and lakes.  You should bring sunscreen and a snack when you go hiking.  ~Tiffany

You can camp and have fun in the woods.  You can fish.  You can look at animals.  I like to walk in the woods.  ~ Hunter M.

I saw pictures of people hiking and fishing, lakes with fish, people biking, flowers, people camping, and maps and signs.  ~Taya

Mrs. Venegas showed us animals you might see in the woods.  She showed us pictures of hiking trails, fish, and told us what to bring on a hike.  ~Kamryn

She called her movie, “Fun in the Woods.”  She said we could go hiking, fishing, canoeing.  She said most of it was by Lake Michigan.  She said that we should not litter.  There are very nice flowers.  She also said that we could hunt there.  ~Brandin

The lady’s name was Mrs. Venegas.  She talked about “Fun in the Woods.”  She said you can go camping, fishing, and hunting.  You can also sniff the flowers.  You can swim in the lake, ride your bike, and go hiking too.  ~Rhianan

Mrs. Venegas said that you can go fishing, hunting, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, camping, biking, and hiking on trails.  She uses a walking stick.  You should bring a compass or GPS, snacks, sunglasses, a hat, walking stick, gloves, water, backpack, and binoculars.  ~Mackenzie

When Mrs. Venegas came she told us what to bring on a hike.  She told us about camping, bike riding, fishing, hunting, and flowers.  It was fun.  ~Courtney L.

When the woods person came, we learned about tracks.  We saw pictures of a lot of animals.  She talked about canoeing and swimming.  She talked about what you should bring with you in the woods.  You should bring a snack, GPS, gloves, hat , and a coat too.  You should bring a backpack, map, walking stick and sunglasses.  It was in the distance learning room.  Her name was Mrs. Venegas.  ~Jon

Mrs. Venegas talked about many things.  She talked about lakes, woods, birds, hunting, fishing, and flowers.  ~Spencer

Today we got a visit from a forest ranger.  Her name is Mrs. Venegas.  She said that we need a hat and gloves in the wintertime.  In the summertime, you need sunscreen, a map, water, a walking stick, and sunglasses.  She showed us pictures of flowers, hiking trails, lakes, rivers, animals, and people fishing and hunting and camping in tents.  ~Somer

Mrs. Venegas said she brings a snack when she hikes in the woods.  She brings water, a map, a walking stick, binoculars, a compass or a GPS, sunglasses, gloves, a hat, sunscreen, and a backpack to put it in.  ~Courtney M.

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