Mary Lynn Bradford
tells us about
Bee Keeping
During Reading Month
MaryLynn Bradford came to talk about Bee Keeping. It was very interesting, because did you know honey can cure allergies? You will live what I have to say next. There is only one queen bee in each colony. There are lots of worker bees but all the worker bees are girls! Here's the bad news,: all the boy bees get to lay around and mate with the queen. Gross!  Mary said if you get stung by a bee she said to rub it with honey. I learned a lot about beekeeping and had fun. ...Anna, grade 4

Bees have one queen in one hive. She lays 1,400 eggs a day. She lays 200,000 eggs per year. ...Megan T, grade 2

I learned that there is only one queen bee in each hive. I also learned that when a bee stings you the bee flies off and dies. A bee stings you for it's defense. A bee takes on pound of honey over 50,000 miles across the world. A queen bee can lay up to 1,500 eggs a day. Bees make a lot of honey. People take their bees to Florida. ...Bobby, Grade 2

There's only one queen in a bees hive. Bees hibernate in the winter. They live in crates. ...Kassie, grade 2

Mary Lynn, a former student at Onekama Schools, gave the fourth and fifth graders a presentation on bees and bee keeping. We learned many thinks like there are two different types of honey, raw and heated. Raw has more nutrients than heated and might be a little better for you.  Mary Lyn's family has to replace their bees who die over winter. They got to Georgia and pick up several crates of bees. ...Sam B. Grade 5

Bees stay in bee hives. A colony of bees has one queen. A colony pollinates a lot of flowers. ...Makayla, grade 2

There is one queen in each hive. They live in crates. They have five eyes. ...McKayla H. grade 2

There is only one queen in a hive. Only the queen mates. Only the queen lays eggs. ...Jacob, grade 2

There is only one queen bee in each hive. When you get stung the bee dies. The queen bee is the biggest. They have five eyes. ...Grade, grade 2

Bees spread pollen. There is only one queen bee in a hive. They don't sting you unless you harm them. ...Michele, grade 2

There is only one queen in a hive. They die when you get stung. Some die in the winter. ... Matt, grade 2

Mary Lynn Bradford came in to talk to us about bee keeping. She taught us a lot about bees. After she talked, she showed us her equipment. I got to try on her hat! After that we went up to see all her stuff.    ...Katie, grade 4

She also brought in candles made from by bees. She talked about getting queens and putting them in the boxes. After a while her dad and her brother would go and add boards to the hive. The board would keep them warm and they produce honey on them. Her presentation was Awesome. ...Cady, grade 5

Mary had a Power Point all about bees and their bee farm. She told us how they got the bees, how they cleaned the hives and how they got the honey. She told us they go and pick up the bees in Georgia. They get the honey from the bees and then sell it. I learned a lot about bees. She is a very interesting person. Sami, grade 5

The girl who gave the speech's family has been taking care of bees for a long time. That is not a job I would want to do. The put the bees in boxes called supers. Some hives are huge! ...Alex, grade 5

MaryLynn showed us pictures about bees and honey. She showed us real bees and she held one. I hope she didn't get stung. They said that honey will help with allergies. Honey will also give you a burst of energy. I think I am going to try some. ...Hanah, grade 4

MaryLynn showed us honey: yum, yum, yum. MaryLynn showed us a mask to keep bees from stinging your face. Ouch! It was really cool to learn about bees. ...Elijah, grade 4

Theres only one queen in one hive. Bees hibernate in the winter. When bees sting you they die. ...Cambria, grade 2

There is one queen in each hive. When a bee stings you it will die. All bees are poisunis. ...Kassidy, grade 2

When a bee stings you it dies. Bees make honey. There is only one Queen bee in each hive. ...Toni, grade 2

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My grandpa gets bees from Mr. Bradford for his farm....Jarett

Bees help pollinate floors. Part of the pollen is in the honey.. Bees are very useful creatures. Without them we wouldn't have honey. ...Kayla

March is Reading Month