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  Onekama's Outdoor Olympic

Feb. 24, 2006
I went to the Olympics today. I saw my sister at the ceremony. I saw my sister playing an instrument. She was playing a flute. I saw a person light a torch. I was happy there. We were the Canada Country. It was fun. ...Matt, grade 2

I liked participating in the Olympics because I won a gold medal. My favorite game was the straw javelin. I got 123 inches for straw javelin. I remembered from T-ball to throw the straw. — Tighe, grade 1

I like the ice skating game. I like the little red wagon luge. I really love the Olympic games. I won a gold medal for ice-skating. I won a bronze medal for little red wagon luge. —Michele, grade 1

My favorite part of Olympics was when we had ice-skating. I like the ice skating game because you get to see other people skate. The ice skaters were good. — Xana, grade 1

My favorite event was the Wagon Luge. Becuse I got to ride in the wagon and Hanah pulled me. I closed my eyes half of the way there. We don't know what time we got, but it was fun. Everyone enjoyed it. ....Julie, grade 3

My favorite Olympic event is red wagon luge becuse it was fun to pull Gerald and it was fun mostly because I did a wheelie at the end. Then Gerald flew out of the wagon. ...Devin, grade 3

I like the high jump game because I jumped six inches. I really liked the little red wagon luge. I won a gold medal on the little red wagon luge. My partner was Matt. —Kiara, grade 1

I won a gold medal. My favorite game is the ice-skating. I got a bronze in little red wagon luge. - Jacob, grade 1

I liked the luge. First you have to get a partner. My partner was Tucker. Tucker sat in the wagan. When the teacher said go I about flipped the wagon with Tucker in it. I got 5.1 seconds. ...Andrew, grade 2-3

My favorite Olympic Event was Luge. I got gold on the Luge. I was in the wagon and Jon A. was pulling. Jon A and I took 4.7 seconds to cross the finish line. My other favorite is high jump. I took silver in it. I jumped 9.5 inches. I was still happy even because I took silver. At first I thought I would take gold. Brandin took home the gold. Brandin has three golds and two Bronze. ..Logan, grade 2-3
I have a couple Olympic events that I really liked. I liked the High Jump and the Little Red Wagon Luge. I liked the High Jump because I can jump high. I liked the Little Red Wagon Luge because I was the one pulling it and I can run fast. I got 8 inches in the high jump. We got 5 seconds for the little red wagon luge. The whole elementary did the OES Winter Olympics. The OES Winter Olympics is really, really fun. ...Lauren, grade 4
We went to the Olympics today and we saw the stick go on fire We waved our flag Canada. All we did was sit down. Next week we play games. ..Tiffany, grade 2

At the Olympics I saw flags. I saw trombones. And we did wiggle our flags. I said Yay when she said let the games begin. I had fun there. It had a lot of noise. ...Natasha, grade 2

We did Olympic Sports at our school. Not the real ones, just little fun ones. My favorite ones were the Little red Wagon Luge and Side Step. The other Olympic activities were Discus Throw, Plane Toss, Straw Javelin, Cotton Ball Toss, High Jump and Giant Step. The reason I liked the little Red Wagon Luge is because one person gets into the wagon . The other person pulls the wagon when the teacher says go. There's a start and finish line. The teacher times it, so whoever gets the best time wins. The reason I also liked the side step is because you take the biggest step you can sideways and someone measures. I hope we do it again next year. ...Brittany, grade 4
For the last few days the Onekama Elementary hall was doing Winter Olympic events. There were tons of events, The Giant Step, Little Red Wagon Luge, The Side Step, The High Jump, The Cotton Ball toss, the Straw Javelin, The Discus Throw, and my favorite event, the plane toss. The class did all of them . ...David, grade 4

The Olympic spirit is when somebody wins and you’re happy for them, and you go and congratulate them. You just try your best and even though you didn’t win, you’re happy. …Jarrod, First Grade

One event was the Giant step. It was fun but I didn't win. It was fun because we had our friends to support us when we did it. Another event was the Paper Airplane toss. In that event I almost won. Now that was a lot more fun then the Giant step. It was fun because we got to make our own airplane. ...Alexis, grade 2-3
The Olympics are about getting countries together and playing games together and having fun. I won a Gold medal. I won in the High jump. It was really fun too. There is other games like snowboarding and skiing. My favorite sport on the Olympics is Cross Country skiing, ,,,Caleb, grade 2
I like the cotton ball toss because I won a gold medal. And because it was very fun. I won 3 medals all in two day. I won 2 for the events. The other one was for sportsmanship I was in 2nd for almost winning another gold medal. And I liked the discos. That is what I know about the Olympics. ...Hanah, Grade 3
My favrite Olympic event is the red wagon luge and the side stepcause I got 3rd place in both of them I also liked the javilin cause it was really challenging. For the Javilin we had to throw a straw without going over the line. In the side step we had to step sideways without doing the splits. And for the luge, well it was like th ereal lluge, except in a wagon and someone pulls you. ...Kayla F.
I like the paper airplane contest. We had to make our own planes. It was easy for me. I won th contest. Payton got 2nd. It was fun. My plane lew 34 feet and 5 inches. ...Jarett, grade 3

I liked the wagon race because I got pulled by Devin and it was fun. I tipped over on the end of the race. We went fast! We were in third but then one team went and we were fourth. Everyone showed good sportsmanship. ...Gerald, grade 3

The reason I liked the red wagon Luge is because you can run in the halls. Another reason I liked the red waagon luge is because you can pick your own partner. I picked Tawny because she is the littlest one. We won th egold medal because we had the best time which was 5.28 seconds. ...Jordan, grade 3
This year Onekama Elementary is doing Winter Olympics. My favorite is the Little Red Wagon Luge because you get to pull someone in a wagon. I also like the Cotton Ball Toss because it was challenging. I liked the Discus Throw because you threw a paper plate. The plane toss was fun because you usually don't get to throw paper air planes in school. I'm glad we did the Olympics. ...John, grade 4

I played in the Olympics. I was nervous ice-skating. I like the little red wagon luge. I won second place. I love winning medals. I played high jump. —Kamryn, grade 1

I liked participating in the Olympics. My favorite game is Giant Step. I got a medal and it is bronze. I got the medal from the Giant Step game. It is bronze. — Austin, grade 1

My favorite part is getting medals. I like participating in the Olympics. I like all the medals. From the cotton ball throw I got a bronze medal. — Grace, grade 1

Friday, February 10th, we did the opening ceremony for the winter Olympics. Our class country was Finland. We all made white and blue flags. Josh brought down the torch. A lot of the fifth grade band played. W e played the Crusader's March about 20 times. My cheeks and throat were hurting really bad. Then we had to play again! ...Brandon, grade 5

One day I won gold medals! Gold medals are first place. I love the Olympics. I participated in the school Olympics. —Kassidy, grade 1

The Olympics were a blast. We participated in 9 games. I got 2 silver medals. My favorite game was cotton ball shot put because I got the 2nd longest. — Kyle, grade 1

I liked participating in the Olympics. Yesterday I participated in the ice skating event. I did seven moves. I won a gold medal for ice-skating. On cotton ball shot put I got five inches. — Kelly, grade 1

The Olympic Games mean peace and harmony. …Greg, First Grade

The Olympic spirit is friendship and even if you’re on the other team you can still cheer them on. …Bobby, First Grade

My favorite game is ice-skating. You work hard. I won a gold medal. It’s a blast. I worked hard. I won games. I won medals. For years they’ve done Olympics. I’ve done Olympics. Some times I win bronze and silver. — Lauryn, grade 1

We made flags of Finland. I got to carry in the big Finnish flag. It was blue and white. We had the band playing. It was all cool and fun. It was neat to see a lot of different flags. ...Sarah, grade 5

Last Friday we had a ceremony to open the Olympics. I played Crusaders' March on the stage. After I played I was exhausted, then we had to play again. Our class carried in flags. ...Emily, grade 5

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My favorite part was ice-skating. I like participating in the Olympics. I got gold medals. I like little red wagon luge because I got to play in the hallway. — McKayla, grade 1


I won a gold medal because I jumped 11 inches. The gold medal is good. I participated in the little red wagon luge. — Matt, grade 1

I like Olympic Snowboarding. I like it because they hit big jumps and the tricks. They also go really fast and take very sharp turns. ...Aaron, grade 3


I like the wagon luge. I did a good job at sitting in the wagon. Jacob did good at pulling me. I like the luge because it's fun and I fell out. ...Lawrence, grade 3

Dear Mrs. C.
I have good sportsmanship. When they did not do a good a job I put my thumb up. I did not get a gold medal but Mrs. Bromley said if she had enough gold metals she would give them to those that did not win one. My favorite sport was the red wagon luge because Kayla and I got second place and I had fun.
Taylor, grade 3

My favorite Olympic event is the luge because we win the rais because we had 5.28. I got puld in the wagin and Jordan puld me all the way to the finish line. Payton puld Hailey in th ewagon. Bernice puld Kayla F., Hanah puld julie to the finish line. Jon puld Janique in the wagon. Kaitlin puld Anna. ...Tawny, grade 3

The Olympic games were fun. One of the games we played was the ai9r plane throw. I enjoyed it a lot. My favorite was the wagon because we got to pull each other around in a wagon. The paper plate throw was also fun. ...Natasha, grade 3

My favorite game in the Olympics is the Discus. I like the discus becauwse I like to throw frizbees and that is kind of like one. In our class we have a first place and a sportsmenship award. I got Bronz in the Cotton Ball Shot put. It was really fun. Hanah got three metals. I love the olympics! ...Anna, grade 3

We did 7 events in our class so far. The first event we did was the disk throw. The second event was the airplane throw. The third event was Juggling. But my favorite event was the red wagon luge. I liked it because I got to pull SaDee in the wagon. When we started off the wagon it did a big wheelie. ...Caitlin, grade 3 // Fourth Grade Main Page // Fifth Grade Main Page

February 2006