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As of November 2013, Onekama School's site will change.  All pages between 1997 and Nov. 2013 will be Archived as OCSArchive on the new site. You will see them, but no additions or corrections will be made.  It's been a fun 17 years!  Barb Eldridge
Onekama School Former & Retired Teachers
Billie Barto: bar13@jackpine.com

Christina Campbell: I think this is a great idea. What is everyone doing now? I really would like to know how many of us are still around since I started teaching in 1972. ccampbell@voyager.net , all the time - Nov - Apr Address: 415 New Lake Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 / Apr -Nov address: P.O. Box 162 Onekama

Ray Eldridge: Taught from 1963 to 1997 beldridg@manistee.org

Barb Eldridge: 30 some years teaching at Onekama. Retired in 2004. Still running the school website begun in 1996 (depending on whether you are counting the early ones that crashed) beldridg@manistee.org or beldridg42@gmail.com

Barry Hahn: Former "President" wishes us well. He taught at Onekama from 1994-2002 bhahn@benzie.k12.mi.us

Steve Joseph: sjoseph@chartermi.net Everybody knows what I've been doing.

Sue Kahl: gskahl@chartermi.net

Sally Manke : smanke@chartermi.net I taught from 1974 to 1999

Mary Lee Pattison: jomar@voyager.net Taught 3-4th grade 1968-1986

Sandie Robinson (off teaching in Japan: Photo below) Great idea...it made me literally sad to read the web page...I don't usually think of my past life much, and even though those were good times, it was still sad...now I am off to cry!!! I would like to add my name to the alumni. srobinsonjp@hotmail.com I started in 68 with Milt and Mary, AND I AM ONLY GETTING BETTER! Sandie in Taiwan!

Jim Taylor: JETLT@webtv.net Began teaching at Onekama in about 1961

Milt Whitmore: serenity2@chartermi.net

Margaret Zimmerman;
Yellowbird@coslink.net will go off the net on Sunday, June 22nd. We plan to move aboard by the following Tuesday. If you wish to stay in touch, please make note of the following address changes:
Mail: PO Box 147, 6153 Linden Ct, Bear Lake, MI 49614
Phone: 231/649-6816

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