Sixth Grade Boys Basketball Schedule for 2006-2007
Coach: Bobbi and Todd Jacobs

Date Opponent Result
Jan 10 Brethren Away
We Won On January 10, 2007 the 6th grade boys basket ball team started their season at Brethren with a 31 to 12 win. The boys have shown a lot of improvement from last year and we were proud of how they played. ~Coaches Bobbi and Todd
Jan 17 Brethren Home We Won    On January 17, 2007 we played our first home game against the same Brethren team and won 33 to 9.  We seem to be doing some of the little things better than we have been but still have work to do. ~Coaches Bobbi and Todd
Jan 20 MCC at Home  We lost Game Photographs and Comments    On January 20 we suffered our first loss to MCC 44 to 14.  The boys got a taste of what we gave Brethren.  We just really had an off day as a team, but now the boys see what a good team looks like and even remarked in the locker room how disciplined they were. They have promised to work harder, and so far they have in the one practice we have had. ~Coaches Bobbi and Todd
Jan 24 Brethren
Away 5:00
We Won      On January 24 2007 we traveled to Brethren and won 44 to 5. Bobbi and I were real proud of the sportsmanship the guys showed when asked by us not to guard and steal the ball every time down the floor.  We were also proud of the way the boys stepped in and played different positions that they are not used to playing. Our next game is January 29, 2007 at Bear Lake.  We will report how we do .  ~Coaches Bobbi and Todd   
Jan 29 Bear Lake
We Lost On January 29 we went to Bear Lake and lost 26 to 18.  It was not one of our better performances, but the kids never gave up   
Jan 31 Brethren We Won On January 31 we played the Brethren /  Kaleva team and won 38 to 8.  Almost everyone on the team scored.
Feb. 8 Frankfort We Won  On February 8 we went to Frankfort and won 34 to 28 after 4 quarters and 61 to 44 after 6 quarters. We played extra quarters because both of our teams had a lot of players to get into the game.  After the first quarter and all the jitters wore off the team came together and played their best game of the season.
Feb. 20 Trinity Tourney We Won On February 20 we played our first game of the Trinity tournament we drew Bear Lake. Playing in the small Trinity gym was really not to our liking with spectators sitting on the out of bounds line. The kids did a fine job and fought right up until the last second and won 33 to 31.
Feb. 23 Trinity Tourney We Lost  On February 23 we got to play our second game of the Trinity tournament and got to play Manistee gold at MCC gym. We had one of those nights where as a team we just could not make a basket.  We ended up losing 39 to 22.
Feb. 24 Trinity Tourney We Won On February 24 we played our final game of the Trinity tournament and of the season. We played Glen Lake.  The kids played a good game and we won 32 to 30 to take 3rd place at the tournament.  Bobbi and I as coaches were very proud of this team all year long they never gave up. There were times in the tournament that we were behind and they could have given up but they didn't. Good job boys you are all a great group of kids with lots of talent.  A 7-3 record is not bad.

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