A golfer couldn't ask for better scenery to tee off for the 9th hole. Bear Lake lake is to your right and a par 3 down hill, facing US 31. While it was a par 3, most of the team's commented on how difficult the course's par 3's are. With all that beauty, also comes wind, bringing an updraft that at times lifted the ball and actually carried it back in your direction. Here Nathan tee's off for the 9th.

Onekama Golf

The golf match at the Bear Lake Country Club held 9-7-04 was a match, which included all schools in the conference as well as invited guest, T.C. Christian. BearLake/Brethren was the host school today as well as having the overall best team score for the day. Match Medallist in the conference with 39 was Jerry Stints of Brethren and sharing this honor also, was Matt Yerter with his 39 from TC Christian. Onekama played against Brethren in the school pairings. Brethren won this pairing with the team scores standing at 177 Brethren-205 Onekama.

Low Man for OHS today was Jordan Pomeroy with his 46. Nathan Griswold finished with 47, Todd Lyman 54, Chris Smith 58 and Tim Veverica 58. Only one of the 58's was used as the 4th score for a total of 205 for the team effort. Josh Cebula scored a 61. Team Manager Drew, shot the teams 4th best score, a 55, but OHS could not use it as he is in 8th grade! Stephanie Carlson shot her personal best on the challenging course shooting a 63. Kristie shot 68 on 8 holes.

Because the host school invited T.C. Christian to this match, all schools had to take their win or loss against TC Christian as well as the conference pairings win/loss. T.C. Christian scored 187 as a team, giving the Portagers a non-conference loss with their team score of 205.

OHS now stands 1-2 in the Conference standings and 1-4 in non-league play and 2-6 overall.

The match scheduled for 9-8-04 has been changed to 9-28-04. There is tentatively a match against Custer set for 9-9-04 at the Heathlands.

Well, Tim's putt refused to go in, so he places his ball marker and picks up his ball while his playing partners putt out the 9th.

Sports Schedule for 2004-2005

Christopher putts on the 9th hole as a playing partner From another school holds the flag. Up on the hill teeing off, Chris was just one of the many players who experienced that "updraft" and had his ball come back towards him. He played out the rest of the hole beautifully compensating for the wind.

After making his putt, Tim, left, and a playing partner, right, from another school packs it up and calls it good for the day.

Golf Schedule for 2004

Josh had a beautiful chip out of the sand trap by the second hole then rakes all marks to smooth it again.

I caught up with Tim teeing off for the 4th hole. He seemed pleased with it and headed up the fairway with his playing partners.

We went on ahead and caught Todd just as he was teeing off at the 5th hole. It is a long par 5 and Coach Gudme of Brethren/Bear Lake commented, "Excellent tee shot", after Todd teed off.

After raking the sand trap, Josh putts to finish the 2nd hole. Is it just me, or does it really get that quiet when one is putting?! Not even crickets could be heard again.

Tim ended up in the sand trap just to his right in the photo on the 9th. He chipped it out of there, where it landed where we see him standing. Shhhhhh, he is putting..........

Christopher's group was already moving up the fairway so we moved on ahead and met up with Jordan who had just teed off for the 7th hole. While the cloud above him seemed to follow him, It wasn't a bad sign. Jordan was about to finish as the teams low man for the day.

Nathan walked out to meet Chris and discuss how Chris's 9 holes went.

Jordan puts his driver and clubs away as Nathan, Coach Zadow and he discuss their individual match results so far.

Chris and Nathan add up his score and comment on certain holes, before they turn the card into the judges.

Before turning in their scorecards, the golfers must add up their own scores, then verify each other's and then sign them.

Todd helps Tim's group with the score adding and verification. When there is 4 or more to a group, that is a lot of adding in your head for individual scores. I personally would need a calculator!

Back at the clubhouse, Jordan rests on a golf cart. Today was the first day of school as well as a large golf match. The players do not use a cart on match day. They walk the 9 or 18 holes carrying their full set of clubs and irons.

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