Onekama's Golf Schedule for 2004
Coach: Mary Jo Zadow
August 6 / Golf Terms / Golf Awards

Date School Result
8-10-04 18Holes Mesick
Photographs and Commentary Aug. 10
8-17-04 18Holes MCE, Baldwin, Walkerville
at Marquette Trails
Photographs and Commentary Aug. 17
8-19-04 18Holes T.C St. Francis at Spruce Run
8:00 am
27 Schools , including Div.1 schools, attended today's Invitational held at the Grand Traverse Resort. Finishing 1st place in the team standings today was Suttons Bay with 294, followed by Grayling with 298. Grayling also earned the honors of having one of their own, Derek Johnston being Match Medalist who finished with 1 under Par for 69. Columbus Academy from Ohio finished 3rd with 306. The Portagers finished with 404 as a team today and until the results are faxed we do not know where that placed them. Low Man for our Portagers today was Jordan Pomeroy with 89. Jordan recovered from a quadruple bogey on the 1st hole to record a 44. He recorded a 45 on the last 8. Nathan Griswold scored 46 and 46 for a 92, Chris Smith had 52 and 59 for 111 and Todd Lyman shot 56 on both for 112. Also shooting for OHS was Tim Veverica who shot 64 and 64.
Coach Zadow
Gwen Smith Reporter
8-23-04 18Holes Manistee CC
at Heathlands
Photographs and Commentary Aug. 23
8-27-04 18Holes Lake City G.C.
at Lake City
Photographs and Commentary August 27
8-31-04 9Holes Frankfort
at Pinecroft Plantation
Pinecroft Photographs and Commentary Aug. 31
9-7-04 9Holes Brethren/Bear Lake at County Highlands 3:30pm Photographs and Comments September 7
9-9-04 MCE
at Heathlands
Photographs and comments Sept. 9
9-13-04 9Holes Manistee
Photographs and Commentary Sept. 13
9-14-04 18Holes MCE, Baldwin, Freesoil
at Lakeside Links
Commentary and Photographs Onekama is now 3 - 2 in the conference, 2 - 5 in non-conference play, and 5 - 7 overall.
9-16-04 9Hole Frankfort

at Heathlands 3:30

Onekama loses a close match to Frankfort tonight after a hitting error caused two disqualificationsback around the 3rd hole. Onekama 205 to Frankfort 200 was the Official Final Score. If the error had not occurred OHS would have had 198 to their 200. If the error had been caught right away and corrected by the rules each of them would add 2 penalty strokes. This would have tied the two schools and in that case the 5th man's score is used. This would have ended with OHS 260 to Frankfort 268 ,but that is the way the cookie crumbles and we take our loss in the non-league match tonight at The Heathlands.What actually happened earlier in the match to cause the DQ's was that one of our team members accidently hit another team members ball. Instead of correcting the situation on the spot, the group played on for another few holes rendering the situation uncorrectable. To correct something like this , the play would start over back at the original point of play with both of them taking a 2 stroke penalty.Low man for Onekama was Nathan Griswold with 45, Jordan Pomeroy shot 46, Todd Lyman finished with 54 and Chris Smith 60, to round out the scoring four. Tim Veverica shot a 53 and Josh Cebula a 61. Drew shot a 49, Stephanie a 54 and Kristie a 60 on the back nine.

Frankfort's low man and Match Medalist was Kyle Mick with 40, Wiley Heller shot 43, Nolan Clements 58 and Jack Wilbank 59. Also shooting for Frankfort was Morgan Tom with 68 and Matt Salakovich with 69.Now that I have all parents confused, Let's just say it was overall a good match with some great scoring! Until next time, hit them long and straight , and parents, keep studying our definition page!

Stephanie Carlson Improves by several strokes to score a 54! Kristie Sievert shot another 60 and is looking to break that at the next match. These girls are rapidly shaving strokes off their game!

9-21-04 18Holes WMD Jamboree
at Heathlands 2:15
The Portagers secured 5 wins in today's contest beating all the teams in the conference with a team score of 178! Photographs
9-28-04 9Holes Manistee Catholic Well....the "Golf Gods" didn't seem to shine down on the Portagers today at the Manistee Country Club, but a few of the team members managed to push through and produce personal bests. Photographs and commentary by Gwen
9-29-04 Manistee National Golf Course OHS secures 2 more wins in the non-league standings tonight at the Manistee National Golf Course bringing their current stats to 4-7 in non-league, 12-9 overall and still 8-2 in the Conference. Photos and Comments
10-5-04 18Holes WMD Tourney
Oceana Golf Club
Photos and Comments Onekama Golf Team Finishes in a Tie for Second Place Overall in Conference. Conference Championship Match
10-8-04 TBA STATE REGIONALS Onekama takes 12th in regionals. OHS closes their season with 10-5 in the Conference for a tie for 2nd place. Photo and Stats
October 28, 2004 Golf Awards Banquet

Note: By MHSAA rule, every high school team is allowed 16 contest dates. OHS currently has 13 scheduled not counting Regionals. Attempts will be made to fill the schedule by adding 3 more matches.

Practice has now officially started and is in full swing. No pun intended! Most of the Golf team members have been working on their technique at various courses throughout the summer on their own, but now they can practice as a team and with their coach. Just in time too, as the first match is coming up fast, August 10th to be precise which will be a non-conference match against Mesick. The Portagers call The Heathlands their Home course and there will be several matches held there.

Each member brings to the team this year a variety of levels of experience.

The season looks to be good for the Portagers with some veterans of team play returning as well as some new comers who are looking solid. The team will have put away 6 matches before school starts this fall....come out and support your Portagers at the Heathlands! Or, check the schedule and catch up with them at any of their other matches! GO TEAM! Hit them Long and Straight!

Your reporter/photographer for golf is Gwen Smith
Practice Photographs August 6

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