The Robotics Team has recently received a grant of $10,000. $6,000 of the grant has been used as an entry fee and for the parts that were supplied. With the remaining $4,000 additional parts that the team wants will be purchased. This money has helped support the first Northern Michigan Robotics Team.

The team will compete at the West Michigan Regional in Allendale, MI on March 31- April 2.

The team brainstorms plans with Mr. Lamm. (Left to Right: Lance Osborn, Logan Gutowski, Jason Marble, Mr. Lamm, and Chris Pesko)

Chris Pesko has organized our first robotics team at OHS. He has been a part of the robotic competitions for the past 3 years. He has gone to National Competitions in Houston, Texas and Chicago, Illinois in previous years. He hopes our team is as successful as his was.

This year's competition consists of stacking 8 lb. tetras on top of one another with the help of two other competing robots. The teams receive points for having their color tetra’s on top. As easy as it may sound, the team will have to deal with other complications in the game rules, and scoring system.

The team is interested and excited in seeing the outcome of their robot.

            We hope to see you at the competition!!

Chris Pesko

Chris outlines the team’s ideas on
the board.

Planning Meetings

Logan and Jason go through and sort
the arriving parts.

The team members attended the Robotics Kickoff ( Kick-Off Pictures) this past weekend (Sat. Jan. 10th) at Grand Valley to see what this year's competition was all about. They quickly learned that with as little as six weeks they would need to build their robot as well as figure out a unique strategy. (April Event Photographs).........Reported by Kayla Pesko

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