Onekama's Robotic Team
Left to Right: Mr. Hagen, Chris Pesko, Haley DeRosia, Shawn McKenney, Kayla Pesko, Nick Towas, Lance Osborn, Logan Gutowski, Tyler Miller, Mr. Pesko, Travis Miller, Matt Berryhill, and Mr. Lamm

Our team arrives on Thursday (March 31st) for the competition. The team spends all day working on their robot in the pits making it ready for the following two days of competition. They work on attaching their new arm for the robot and hope they can get a few practice runs in before the practice field closes at 6.

Our team is finally in action as the robot drivers Chris Pesko and Matt Berryhill finish up a victory in a challenging round.

The robot is back to the pits for some minor work before next round.

During one of the matches the robot tries to hold on to the tetra so that it can be capped on to the larger one for points.

Our robot in this match is working for the red alliance team. We are getting all loaded up by our human loader, Shawn McKenney, in the human loading station. Our robot carried 2 tetras on bottom and 1 on top.

Chosen among many others, Chris Pesko won an $18,000 scholarship for ITT Technical Institute!!

The robot is ready to go for the next match.

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