Joey Mitchell, Pat Stedman, Dustin Thomas and the Cheering Squad applaud as the rest of the lineup was introduced.

Cheerleading Squad Applauds as the Portagers take the Floor.

Onekama Beats Freesoil
January 23, 2004

Nicole and Tara do the "hands" stunt with fliers Sara and Cari , while they cheer "We are the Portagers! Mighty, Mighty Portagers!", a popular crowd cheer.

The squad preps for the "split mount" during the quarter break...going up!

Once Megan is in the split mount they cheer , " If you want to win this game, you got to yell with all your might! We yell go, you yell fight!" Another cheer to get the crowd involved.

A couple of young cheerleaders that have actually been to a previous cheer clinic at OHS, join in the last few minutes. "Keep it up...Keep it up.. Keep it up Blue!" Good Job girls!

Front, Tara , middle row, Sara, Megan and Cari. Back Row, Nicole and Felicia pose for a photo during halftime. Megan received a black eye at the previous game while practicing a "basket toss", which is a common partner stunt. SO, yes, cheerleading can be considered a contact sport!

Sara Schmoke goes into a "pike". This is Sara's first season for cheering and what a job she has done to date!

Senior Megan Mattson leads the squad in the "Ready To Go" cheer at the start of the game.

The squad chants , "Defense , get tough! D it UP!" to spur on our Portager defense.

Bryce, tries to block the blue teams shot with fellow students,during half time of the Freesoil/OHS game.

The "underclassmen " took their game very seriously tonight!

Photographs & test by Gwen & Jamie Smith

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Tara and the cheer squad had lots of help tonight with a possible future cheerleader!

Tara and Nicole base while Megan spots Sara, in an " elevator", which is then pressed into an extension.

January 23, 2004

May Cheering Awards

Here is that extension...

More Cheering pictures can be found on each of the basketball pages.

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