Front row, Felisha and Coach Jamie. Back row left to, Cari, Tara, Nichole, Megan and Sarah. Megan Mattson was the only senior on this years squad for basketball season.

Cheer Awards 2004

The cheer awards banquet finally found a semi-free night to fall on for the Cheer Team and the banquet was held May 10th, 2004 at the school. Baked spaghetti with all the trimmings was served to a hungry bunch, which included a few girls coming directly from softball practice.

Receiving medals for being the Best Stunt Group were Felisha, Megan, Tara and Nichole. This stunt group was able to master such stunts as the "split mount" and the "flip mount".

Felisha and Sarah received their Varsity "O".

Megan Mattson received All Star Cheerleader for her willingness to try everything at least once. She participated in all aspects including flier, base, and spotter. Megan added such qualities to the program as the splits, heel-stretch, jumps and kicks. She has the perfect attitude, personality,leadership and skills to be Onekama's first Varsity All-Star cheerleader.

The team members gave Coach Jamie Smith bath and beauty products and a plant as a thank you gift.


About half way through the season, Nichole Baranek surprised the team with her famous heal stretch. She would not attempt it as a flier yet, but certainly earned the Best Heel Stretch Award.


Summing up the evening:

  • Captain: Megan Mattson (Senior)
  • Co-Captain: Nichole Baranek
  • Most Spirited: Tara Lyman
  • Most Improved: Sarah Schmoke
  • Most Dedicated: Megan Mattson
  • Best Heel-Stretch: Nichole Baranek
  • Best Arm Motions: Cari Howard
  • Best Splits: Felisha Kaczmarczyk
  • Best Stunt Group: Felisha, Tara, Megan and Nichole
  • First Varsity Letter: Felisha and Sarah
  • All Star Cheerleader: Megan Mattson


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Reporter/Photographer: Gwen Smith

May 10, 2004

Megan Mattson was awarded Most Dedicated. Megan was the only squad member to make it through the whole season without missing a practice or a game.

Senior Megan Mattson was awarded the Captain plaque for showing the most leadership throughout the entire team. Receiving Co-Captain was Nichole Baranek for always trying to get the team under control from a laughing spell or when they just didn't click.

Tara Lyman received Most Spirited for her efforts on supporting both the baskektball team as well as her squad with locker signs and posters. Coach Smith proclaimed her as the official glitter and face paint queen.

Most Improved was awarded to Sara Schmoke. Sara joined the squad shortly after the team thought they had lost some members. This was her first time as a varsity cheerleader. She took on a huge role and mastered it within a few practices.

Best Splits went to Felisha Kaczmarczyk. As a first time OHS cheerleader, Felisha proved her spot when she broke out with her famous splits.

Cari Howard earned the Best Arm Motions Award. She knew how to punch every motion which is very important in cheering.