Onekama's Junior Class makes plans for their Dinner Theatre. Take a look behind the scenes...

Kevin Mattson: I thought this year's Dinner Theater was the funniest one yet. We made a good choice to go back to how Dinner Theater started and just do "funny stuff" instead of creating an elaborate storyline that we had to stick to.

Curtis Kelley: At first I wasn't really into it. Being that I am not a person who likes the spotlight, I took some secondary roles.
But I was only nervous about one thing in Dinner Theater. Pulling the curtain. I didn't want to accidentally open or close it at the wrong time and screw everyone up. But in the end Dinner Theater was a very memorable experience.

Behind the Scenes

Kelli Hopwood: The show also helped many people to overcome their fears. Performing on stage can be scary, but everyone did a wonderful job overcoming those fears to put on a great show. Some of our classmates had roles that were pretty embarrassing, but they still did them because they knew it would make the show great. Dinner Theater made me realize what an awesome class we have.

Katie Baker: When I reflect about Dinner Theater all I can really do is smile. The way it brought our class together was incredible.

Amy Shirley: What I liked most about Dinner Theater was what I had accomplished. All together I experienced gaining respect, courage, and the ability to do something in front of hundreds of people. Dinner Theater helped me to bring myself out, which is why I'll never forget it. Hearing the crowd clap, and laugh made me feel more comfortable about what I was doing.

Jaimee B: The most difficult part of Dinner Theater was probably getting on stage and saying "Thank you" to my parents for supporting me in front of a big audience.

Calvin Lutz: I didn't realize how much fun it was till after it was over. Now it's back to English which is a big change in pace.

Keith Zielinski: One high point was when we nailed the opening. Another high point was when we did Country Boy. The main low point for me was having to memorize so many lines and all the late night practices.

Ben Finan: From the crowd's reaction to all of our skits, I felt everyone that had a chance to see it enjoyed what they saw.

Raychelle Noel: I think my Dinner Theater experience will be a memory that sticks with me for the rest of my life. Ever since I was a freshman, my class was extremely excited to have our chance.
Being Stage Manager was a very time consuming job. There was a lot of prep work (such as making tickets, programs, and name cards) to be done. The whole experience was pretty stressful but in the end, it was worth it.
I really enjoyed the afterschool rehearsals because the atmosphere was relaxed and I had a chance to help out. At times, the whole class would be around just to watch one skit. Dress rehearsals were chaotic at times because people were missing or props were gone.

Eric Cederholm: Dinner Theater wasn't just a drama production, it was a learning experience. A few things I learned was that patience is needed. I can't say how many times I got so frustrated that I wanted to scream.

These pictures taken at rehearsal were provided by Stage Manager Raychelle Noel. Thanks, Raychelle!

Ashley Ketz: The hard part of Dinner Theater was trying not to laugh when you practiced, but everyone held themselves together on the big night. The best part about Dinner Theater is that now our class is much closer than we were before. It is amazing to have a school function bring our class together so much.

The Performance

The cast takes time to pose.

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April 2002