Onekama's Junior Class makes plans for their Dinner Theatre. Take a look behind the scenes...

An appreciative audience awaits the big event (dinner & theatre)
The Performers

Jamie Meister: Dinner Theater was one of the best experiences of my junior year. My other was Thriller. I had a lot of fun with this because I taught all the kids in my class how to dance. Sometimes it was really tough, but after we performed it at the show flawlessly it felt like all the work was worth it. My favorite part about Dinner Theater was that our whole class came together and it brought us closer.

Tim Brandt: Dinner Theater is one of the most exciting and fun things I have ever done. This year's Dinner Theater in my opinion was the best ever from the food to the show. I feel that our class was one of the best classes to work with. Everyone in our class participated and put forth an enormous effort.

Brandon Marble: Dinner Theater was most likely the best experience I'll ever have in high school. The entire project was a worth while experience that enriched both my mind and spirit. It was a very helpful experience to be on stage in front of hundreds of people and feel the "hype" of ShowTime. It was a tremendous amount of work and very time-consuming, it was good to know that my fellow class-mates were just as eager to work on it as I was. All in all, Dinner Theatre was by far my greatest experience in high school thus far.

Dan Richmond: For me, Dinner Theater was a wonderful experience. Though all the preparation was time consuming, and tedious I felt the overall experience of dinner theater for the entire class was marvelous. Even though during the show I made a few mistakes it still was one of the most thrilling events of my life.

Ashley Hart: In Dinner Theatre I really enjoyed working together as a class. I ended up finding myself at rehearsals I didn't even need to be at! I think that Dinner Theatre really brings the class together as a whole and teaches great things about teamwork and motivation. Since Dinner Theatre I have become closer to my classmates and have had the opportunity to get to know those people I don't really see too often.

The Audience

ART DEPARTMENT NOTE: Every year since the start of Dinner Theater, the Art Department has collaborated in the "Big Show". Art students mat their best quality work, and we set it up around the perimeter of the dining tables. Last year, Mr.. Huff asked the advanced art students to create vases for the tables. I thought it would be a great opportunity for the Art Department to make some money by auctioning off our vases. Boy were we surprised when the vase auction earned close to a thousand dollars! This year, we created candle holders that were an even bigger challenge than the vases to make functional. Needless-to-say, there was a lot of wax dripping onto the tables. Regardless, the candle holder auction earned the Art Department over four hundred dollars. We plan on using the money to purchase expensive art supplies like acrylic paint, canvas, and glazes for clay work. Special thanks to those who viewed the art show and make bids at our auction.

Mrs. Smith & Mr. Burtch (compliments of the art department) were pleased to be part of the festivities.

Christopher Thomas: I thought that this Dinner Theater, the 4h Annual, was the best one of all. It was hysterical through out the entire performance. I have received a lot of praise for our class doing so well. Lots of people thought that Tom Meoak and the Tomorrow song was the most hilarious. I personally enjoyed the Juillard School of Dance.

The Junior Class thanks Mr. Brandis for all his help.

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Take a look behind the scenes...

April 28, 2002

The middle school team waited tables.