So on field day we had fun. Miss Brown was squirting us with a squirt gun  and i was scared. It was fun at the same time. ~Nickolas G.

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Field Day
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Field day was on Wednesday. It was crazy. Mrs. Brown soaked us with water. Steal the teddy was the funniest. ~Travis R.


Yesterday we went to field day and we
won tug of war
~Austin H.

Arlee and Madison in the 3 legged race

Autumn, Haley, and Coda taking it all in

Yesterday was field day. We went up to the track and played games. We played some games and then we had a snack. Then we played more games.  After that all of the Elementary played tug a war. It was a great last field day.  ~Hanna  H.

This was my last field day it was so fun. My favorite game was wet and wild! When we did tug a war we won against the 4th graders! this was the best field day ever!! ~Kylie

We had Field Day on Wednesday. The popcorn was great. My favorite thing was the tug of war. We creamed the fourth graders! We ended up pulling the rope around the entire field! Field Day was awesome. ~Jackson G.

Fourth Graders race

Fifth graders watch out for Mrs. Brown

Mr. Kudlack's kindergarten class enjoy the parachute game

Field Day was fun besides getting jumped on ten time and getting poked in the eye. The egg toss is my favorite game. I was Eleanor's partner  and our egg never really broke. We were one of the only people that one had one egg! I didn't do tug-of-war cause I got to tired but it was 4th vs. 5th grade and the 5th grade won. Field Day was Pretty fun. -Chloe

Adam & Sawyer compete in the 3 Legged race

Angel, fourth grade

Kindergarten: Just acting like the big kids!

Photos from Mrs. Bromley, Ms. Lyman, Ben Mauntler and Al Taylor. Text emailed by students.  / page created June 2013

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