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Field Day ~2013

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It was fun at field day. We got water on us because of Mrs. Brown. We played games. We had a fun time. ~Matthew M.

Field day was great the popcorn was awesome and all of the games were very fun. ~Aaron P.

Field day was awesome. We played a lot of games. My favorite part was the egg toss. ~Justin Z.

Field Day was awesome! We went to tons of different stations like: Wet ' N ' Wild, Egg Toss, H2O Frisbee Relay, Hoop It Up, and Steal The Stuffie. Kolin didn't play Steal The Stuffie. He just told Mrs. Brown what number  to call. When your number is called you run up, grab the Stuffie, and run back to where you started. But if the person you were up against tags you while you were running they get a point. So Kolin told Mrs. Brown to spray ME with the water gun. So when we were leaving... SPLASH!!! All over me. And now I'm  plotting my revenge... ~Eleanor S.

We want to the football field. We played egg toss at field day. We had egg yoke all over us. We had fun. We had a blast! ~Cody H.

Field day was fun. we played a lot of games and Mrs. Brown sprayed us with water. We played tug of war in the end and it was really fun. I like field day. ~Dalron G.

Fourth graders excel at hula hoop relay

Field day this year was really fun and i loved the games! My favorite was the egg toss and me and my friend did really good, until it exploded in my hand. I thought it was great an i would go again if i could. ~Gabriel N.

This was the best field day ever. We got to play a lot of games. the best game was tug of war. we all get to do it. We won against the forth grade. we also  got to play wet and wild this field day was so fun. ~Savannah

Egg Toss: Ethan catches

Egg Toss: Madelyn throws

Fifth Graders Tug on the Rope

Third grade cheering squad

Hula hoop relay: grade 4 (I think)

Photos from Mrs. Bromley, Al Taylor, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Mauntler and Ms. Lyman. Text emailed by students.

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