Manistee County Book Bowl 2013
Hosted by Kennedy School
(page in progress: please send names of kids)
First Place
Team Jake


Austin H., Dalron G., Kylie G., Colleen M.,
and Alli T.

Coached by:
Mrs. Brown, Faye Backie and Nancy Behring

Second Place

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Third Place

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The Famous Reading Rhinos

Sabers Listen During Competition

Bear Lake Barriers

Book Bowlers

Onekama's Page Rippers See Well

Onekama's Team Jake

Manistee Catholic Sabers

RIP Book Bowlers

Team Bacon


Team Jake Loves to Read

Book Bowlers Ready to Read

The Smarties

Book Bowler Team

Book Bowlers take time to Confer

What do you think?

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May 2013

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Don Demeuse
Kennedy School