Manistee County Book Bowl 2013

It was fun to be in book bowl fun. Some of the book didn't look appalling at first but some of them were really good. There were 11 team first we had to vs. five teams. The first round was played by how many points there were. There were two Onekama teams Team Jake and Page Rippers (I was on page rippers.) The first game we played was Team Jake it was a close game. In the end Team Jake won I congratulated my friend on the other team. That was are only lost that round. After the end of the round team Jake was in first and page rippers were in second. In the second round page rippers lost but team Jake won first place. After that we went for ice cream. That was a fun day even thou I lost. I wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for Mrs. Backie and Mrs. Behring.  ~Emma N.

Team Jake
takes First Place at
Manistee County Book Bowl 2013

Hi. I'm writing about my book bowl experience. it was really fun. when we got there we went to the basement. it was really cold down there. i was on Team Jake. We beat the Brethren Bookies in the finals to win the championship. Book bowl was so much fun! ~Dalron G.



This year I was in Book Bowl. My teams name was Team Jake. The helpers where Mrs. Behring and Mrs. Backie. My team for Book Bowl got first place! I wish Book Bowl was in 6th grade. ~Kylie G.


May 14, 2013 we went to Kennedy School in Manistee for our book bowl competition. We had 2 teams. Which were #Team Jake (*Alli*, Colleen, Dalron, Kylie, and Austin) and The Page Rippers (*Taylor*, Jackson, Sydnee, Hanna, and Emma). *captains* . We were both really good. #Team Jake had the most points and The Page Rippers had the second most. #Team Jake got 1st/1st and The Page Rippers got 2nd/5th. #Team Jake brought home the trophy! It was so much fun I want to do it again. Taylor B.

I had a lot of fun at Book Bowl! We got  5th place, but we were in 2nd place in total points. We played #Team Jake, the Reading Rhinos, Brethren Bookies, R.I.P., and other teams. We stopped at Dairy Queen after the competition. I got a blizzard in a waffle cone. I wish we could do Book Bowl in 6th grade! ~Jackson G.

I was in book bowl. It was fun. I was on # Team Jake.  I was captain. There were 11 teams. We play the Brethren Bookies in the championship and got first! ~Alli T.


This year I did book bowl and and guess what? We won. ~Austin H.

On May 14, 2013 we had two team go to Book Bowl Page Rippers and Team Jake. Our first game was against each other, Pager Rippers were behind by two points. We were ahead in every other game though. When it came to the semi-finales we lost our first game, so then my team and three other kind of came in 5th place.Team Jake made it to the finales though and they WON!!!!!I was so happy for them because they work hard for that. I wish they would have book bowl in sixth grade! –Sydnee

I had so much fun at book bowl. it was a great experience. I also had fun reading all of the books. My team was so excited and nervous. We were first in the final eight then the final four and then in the finals. I loved playing book bowl it was a blast. ~Colleen M.

Book bowl was so fun. My team was the Page Rippers. We played six games in total. We played five games in the scoring round. We came in second in the scoring round. Then we played in the knock out round. We lost that game ten to eight. It was okay though Team Jake Won. We all played great. And we couldn't have done it without our coaches Mrs. Backie, Mrs. Behring, and Mrs. Brown. ~Hanna H.