Onekama's Young Authors read the books they wrote to an attentive audience

Books can we written & illustrated by hand.

Some books are authored on the computer
& may contain uploaded photographs.

This year many books were created on the iPad.


There was excitement, pride, and bit of nervous energy in the air as Onekama Elementary School students prepared to share with their families and schoolmates the books they had authored themselves.

On Friday, March 22, in the Onekama School cafetorium, students in Kindergarten through fifth grade participated in Young Authors' Day. The annual event gives students an opportunity to share their writing in a public and celebrated way.

Working in mixed-age groups, students took turns sitting in the author’s chair and reading their stories aloud. Stories ranged from non-fiction books about animals to imaginative short stories and touching memoirs.

There were a variety of formats for the books. Students in Kindergarten and first grade used traditional bare books to write and illustrate their stories. The second grade class used a program called StoryKit to create books and present them on their iPad tablets. Students in the third, fourth, and fifth grades used a Student Publishing service to create their books online, which were then professionally printed and bound.

The event was the culmination of March is Reading Month, a month-long celebration at Onekama School of reading and the examination of what makes a good story. Using what they learned, Onekama students are ready to pick up their pencils, dive into their imaginations, and create original stories of their own.

“Throughout March is Reading Month, we tried to impart the lessons that reading is important, that writing is valuable, and that our students’ imaginations are endless. Young Authors' Day celebrates these lessons, and it celebrates our students and their hard work,” explained Onekama Title I teacher Shantel Niederstadt.

Added Niederstadt: “Young Authors' Day is more than just an opportunity for students to show off their writing, though that’s important, too. It can be intimidating to stand in front of a group of your peers and address a large audience. This event allows students to practice public speaking, which is an essential life skill. It also allows them to take pride in their work. At Onekama School, we are working to create confident and capable students, and experiences like Young Authors' Day help move us towards this goal.”

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