Manistee County
Fifth Grade
Quiz Bowl

Hosted by Onekama School
March 13, 2012

1st Place

Little Einsteins

Front L-R: Hope Showalter, Ben Johnson, Brendan Cook, Ben Acton
Back: Coach Brown, Amanda Babcock, Coach Bromley, Katie Beeman, Coach Bennett

2nd Place

Demeuse's Dexterous Dodos

Coach Demeuse with his team - left to right on the picture: Haley Johnson, Macie Goodspeed, Jayden O'Hagan, and Heather Antal

3rd Place


Emily Thomas, Grace Bottrell, Jack Sandstedt, Katie Huber. Coached by Mrs. Cronk

On Tuesday the fifth grade had quiz bowl. Ben A., Hope, Amanda, Brendan, Ben J., and I were on the team. Our scorers and machinists were Chloe, Trent, Maggie, Sara, Kyle, and Guage. The first team we played against were the "Geniuses". We won 105 to 10. The place all of the teams got to rest after the games was the cafeteria. We ate lunch at 10:30. After five games we were getting close to the finals and so far we were undefeated. Our team played against the DDD's. They were also undefeated. They were the closest team to beating us. The DDD's were also in the finals with us. They lost once and we were still undefeated so they had to beat us twice to win. We won the first time and won first place. The DDD's won second place, but I think they were still happy I know we were! We had a great time. I know I am doing it next year! ~Katie B.

On Tuesday March 13th we played Quiz Bowl. The members of my team were Brendan, Katie, Hope, Amanda, Ben A., and me. I answered a lot of questions. We won our first game and the finals in the media center. We won the championship, 100-0. My team went undefeated. Quiz Bowl is lots of fun. ~Ben J.

On Tuesday March 13 we had quiz bowl. My team was Hope, Ben, Ben , Katie, Amanda, and me. We went undefeated!! Then we won the finals and got first place!! We got plaque that said first place. It was really fun! ~Brendan

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Onekama School Hosts 5th & 6th Grade Quiz Bowl Competition

Manistee County schools have been competing in 5th and 6th grade Quiz Bowl for approximately 25 years. The first competition was held in about 1988 at Manistee Junior High.

This year the top fifth grade team was Little Einsteins of Onekama. Second Place went to Demeuse's Dexterous Dodos of Kennedy.  Third place went to Kennedy's Cronkadiles.

 First place for sixth grade went to the Kennedy Quizzlers.  Second Place to Phillips Phenominals. Third Place went to the Bear Lake Buzzers.

Questions for the Quiz Bowl competition come from a wide variety of subjects, and are purchased from a company specializing in Quiz Bowls. They are not seen by any coach or moderator prior to the competition.

“I am very proud of our team,” commented Onekama Fifth Grade teacher Jennifer Bromley. “They played well together and did a great job of buzzing in and answering questions. They never gave up!”

Great Job! Also thanks to the behind the scenes people. We couldn't have pulled this off without you!! ~Mrs. N.

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Congratulations to the Einsteins and their coaches! Awesome. ~Mrs. Catanese

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