Reading Buddy Beach Party 2012

Friday we went to buddy reading beach party but first we went to the ez mart. When we were done at the ez mart we went to the park. When we got there we could do any thing we wonted. Are teacher said if we have money we could go to the ice cream shop. I had money and i went to the ice cream, I got a baby twist it was so good. After a couple of hours we had to leave to get back to school. ~Haley G.

For the Beach Party we first stopped at E. Z. Mart to eat lunch. We had hot dogs and pop. When we got there McKenna, Sam and I ran around a bit. Then McKenna, Shountelle, Sam and I went to Anne and Teddy's ice cream shop. McKenna got Sam and I a small split. I got mine in a cup. When we were done eating that McKenna and I looked at some May flies. There weird. Finally it was time to go McKenna's mom came with her puppy Miya. She's a chorkie half Chihuahua half Yorkshire terrier. We left. It was lots of fun. ~Kaitlyn S.

Reading Buddy Beach Party 2012

This year at the beach party was awesome! Sylvia and I pared up together when we went. First we went to the EZ mart to have some yummy hotdogs and refreshing drinks. Let me just say it was epic! I got a hot dog and sprite then sat next to Sylvia she said " You know, they have some slushies up there," I said " REALLY!?" before she could say anything else I was gone to trade my sprite for a slushie. After we were done eating it was time to go to the beach! Sylvia and I were up in the front and we kept saying to Mrs. Brown " were not lollygaggers!" until we were at the beach then Sylvia and I found a glorious spot in the shade and layed down my huge beach towel. Mckenna gave us some money for Ice cream.We thanked her and went to go get some delicious Ice cream. I got a swirl and Sylvia got vanilla. After that we played with my huge beach towel. I pretended I was the queen and went to the railings by the lake and said " Gods! Lend me your POWER!" Sylvia burst out laughing and then it was her turn. About two hours later it was time to go. I had an awesome time and wish I could go again next year. ~Samantha B.

We got to go to the beach. Sam had a blanket over her head. Matthew my brother said "Look that is super woman." I had to play with my brother. It was fun. ~DeeAnn G.

At the buddy reading beach party we got to go to Easy Mart. I had five slushies, two beef sticks, two coca-cola's. After that we went to the beach. Carson and I made up a game called dual survivor's.  I had a lot of fun.  ~James S.

At the beach party I played football with Aaron, Kayden, and Jackson. After I played football and we won the championship. Their were four teams and my team came first. My favorite part was when my team won the football tournament. ~Trent E.

May 25th was a very busy day!

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