Girl Scout
Thinking Day

February, 2009

Troop 457
1st Year Brownies

Leaders: Nikki Torrey &
Samantha Dutton

Troop 153
1st Year Brownies
1st Year Cadettes

Leaders Amber Hiipakka,
Patricia Baumbach & AnnRhoeea

Onekama's Troop 458  - 3rd Year Brownies
Led by Rebecca Feil & Lynette Maxey

Troop 168

Representing Sweden

Troop 149 -  Representing Japan

Representing France

Onekama's Troop 460

Leaders: Amy Fitch & Karri Gauthier

Onekama's Troop 461  - 1st Year Juniors
Leaders Gail Hopwood & Helen Johnson

Representing Easter Island

Troop 464
from Onekama


Leader Chanda Ingalls

Troop -  3rd Year Brownies

Representing Jamaica

Troop 148:  1st Year Juniors

Representing China

Onekama Troop 462 Representing India

 Leaders Rebecca Feil & Kristine Hayes

Troop 151       Representing Peru

  3rd Year Juniors and 1st Year Cadettes

Troop 166 - 2nd Year Cadettes representing Mexico

This year's WORLD THINKING DAY was held February 22, 2009 at Kaleva Norman Dickson Schools.

Photos from WORLD THINKING DAY 2008

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