World Thinking Day

On Sunday, Feb. 24th Girl Scouts of Crooked Tree had World Thinking Day at Onekama Consolidated Schools.  The schedule of events were 2:00 open house, 2:15 opening flag ceremony, and 2:30 entertainment.  Each troop was responsible for a country.  Some troops recited poems, sang, danced and recited information about their country.  There was a lot of food to taste.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  

Italy by
3rd Year Juniors Troop 163

Spain by
3rd year Brownie Troop 461

Brazil by
Brownies Troop 149

Caribbean by
2nd & 3rd year Brownies Troop 156  

China by
Daisy Troop 457

China by
Daisy Troop 457

Onekama's Scout Troops

Spain by
3rd year Brownies Troop 461

by 2nd Year Juniors Troop 166

Greece by
3rd Year Juniors Troop 161

Ireland by
2nd Year Brownies Troop 458

Peru by
1st Year Juniors 157

United States
by 3rd Year Brownies 162

Tanzania by
2nd Year Brownies Troop 148

Australia by
2nd Year Brownie Troop 160

Bahamas by
1st & 3rd Juniors Troop 151

Borneo by
Multi levels Troop 153


Onekama's Host Troop: Flag Ceremony Troop 460 1st Year Cadettes

  • Daisy Troop 457 ~China (Onekama)
  • 2nd Year Brownie Troop 160 ~Australia (Manistee)
  • 1st Year Brownie 464 ~Mexico
  • Brownies 154 ~Mexico
  • Brownies Troop 149 Brazil (Manistee)
  • 2nd Year Brownies 458 ~Ireland (Onekama)
  • 2nd Year Brownies 148 ~Tanzania (Manistee)
  • 2nd &3rd Brownies 156 ~Caribbean (Manistee)
  • 3rd Year Brownies 162 ~USA
  • 3rd year Brownies 461 ~Spain (Onekama)
  • 3rd Year Juniors 161 ~Greece (Manistee)
  • 1st & 3rd Juniors 151 ~Bahamas (Kaleva)
  • MEXICO, Troop 152, (Kaleva)

Photos by Shantel

  • Multi levels Troop 153 ~Borneo (Manistee)
  • 2nd Year Juniors 166 ~Netherlands (Manistee)
  • 1st Year Juniors 157 ~Peru (Manistee)
  • 3rd Year Juniors 163 ~Italy (Onekama)
  • 2nd Year Juniors 462 ~France
  • Cadette/Senior 181 ~Canada
  • 1st Year Cadette 169 ~Sudan
  • Juniors Troop 152 ~Mexico
  • Juniors 168 ~Russia

A Big Thank You to all the Scouts and leaders for making this wonderful day possible.

(If I missed the name of your troop, or am lacking a photo, send it to )